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SERVE Program

Spring 2021 Update:

For the Spring 2021 semester, the College of Education has determined that fieldwork for all Clinical I, II and SERVE initial credential program courses will be conducted through alternative assignments.   Students are not permitted to complete any portion of their clinical practice (fieldwork) hours at a school site or to work with students either virtually or in person. Instructors for each Clinical I, II and SERVE course will provide students with alternative assignments at the start of the semester.  Any questions regarding clinical practice assignments should be directed to your course instructor.

The SERVE (Service Experiences for ReVitalizing Education) Program creates an opportunity for students at the undergraduate level, in particular for those who are considering careers in K-12 education, to learn about the realities of urban classrooms and the needs of the diverse K-12 student population. SERVE students work with students individually and in small groups to provide academic support and encourage personal growth. It is through this involvement that CSULB students assess their careers goals and provide direct service to students and teachers in grades K-12 and their communities.

SERVE is a graduation requirement for students earning a bachelors degree in Liberal Studies. To earn a Liberal Studies bachelors degree, students must complete two SERVE rotations (one through EDEL 200 and one through EDEL 300) for a total of 85 SERVE hours.

The SERVE Program is a Long Beach Education Partnership Project.  It is administered through the Center for Collaboration in Education. All students requesting SERVE placement must be enrolled in the university for the entire semester of their SERVE assignment.

SERVE Objectives

  1. University students will work with K-12 students in urban classrooms or community settings.  As a result, university students will increase their knowledge of the cultural and social backgrounds of a diverse population.
  2. University students will serve as role models and provide literacy support for students in grades K-12.
  3. University students will have opportunities to assess the teaching profession as a career option.
  4. University students will be able to articulate their values related to citizenship, community service, opportunity, equality and inclusion.

How to Register and be Cleared for a SERVE Placement

  • Step 1: Visit program information! This page will inform you of what SERVE's all about! 
  • Step 2: Visit SERVE clearance information! This page will help you learn how to obtain a Certificate of Clearance if you don't already have one. If you would like to complete your SERVE rotation in LBUSD, there is additional clearance steps that need to be taken.
  • Step 3: After you've complete Step 1 & Step 2, you will now need to register for SERVE on S4@ The Beach once the semester begins in which you are enrolled in EDEL 200 or EDEL 300.
  • Step 4: Completed the SERVE Registration form and upload your valid CTC issued Certificate of Clearance and TB test.
  • Step 5: Once you submit your SERVE Registration form, you will receive an email within 2-3 weeks with your placement information. This email comes from so be sure to keep an eye on your junk/spam folder just in case it ends up there.
  • Step 6: You've been placed! Follow the instructions in your placement email to contact the SERVE Site Coordinator at your placement for further steps to begin your placement.
  • Step 7: Once you have met your cooperating teacher and have their email address, submit your SERVE Placement Confirmation form in S4@ The Beach.
  • Step 8: Begin your hours and record them weekly in S4@ The Beach and send them to your Cooperating Teacher for approval.
  • Step 9: Once you have completed all of your required SERVE hours, you will need to send your cooperating teacher a final evaluation link by filling out the End of Rotation form in S4@ The Beach. You will need to provide your Cooperating Teacher's name and email address.
  • Step 10: Once your Cooperating Teacher fills out the final evaluation, you will be able to view and download it in S4@ The Beach.

Click here for detailed step by step instructions on how to use S4@ The Beach.

Classroom/Placement Responsibilities

  • Contact the coordinator of the assigned placement site in a timely manner and follow up in person
  • Keep a consistent schedule in the field and notify the classroom teacher in advance in case of absence
  • Dress according to the dress code of the placement site
  • Learn the names of K-12 students in the class
  • Adhere to the teacher’s classroom management and routines
  • Follow instructions on course syllabi for structured assignments
  • Complete a minimum of 40 or 45 hours in the field in one semester/session per course/Independent Rotation
  • Submit all course assignments related to SERVE to the professor
  • Complete all SERVE forms on S4 @ The Beach
  • Contact the TPAC office with any concerns or questions.


  • Assist with small groups of K-12 students
  • Assist individual K-12 students
  • Assist with cooperative learning activities in reading, writing and math
  • Listen to K-12 students read aloud
  • Read aloud to K-12 students
  • Ask questions and lead discussions
  • Review lessons
  • Clarify instruction
  • Monitor K-12 students and encourage behavior to stay on task
  • Help K-12 students with their writing (i.e.: editing, revising, etc.)
  • Assist with tutoring
  • Notify the classroom teacher of K-12 students’ needs and concerns
  • Assist K-12 students with organization and study skills
  • Assist with skill development and practice of skills
  • Monitor and assist K-12 students with an assignment while the classroom teacher works with a small group


  • Arrange their own placement
  • Observe only
  • Keep a journal in class
  • Grade papers; enter grades
  • Make copies or prepare classroom materials
  • Design or present lessons
  • Run non-instructionally related errands
  • Be left alone with K-12 students
  • Become a K-12 student’s friend.


An activity that is part of the SERVE placement is acceptable provided the SERVE students are NOT transporting anyone in their personal vehicles.  In all cases, the SERVE student needs to provide the SERVE Office with

  • the date of the field trip,
  • the location to and from where the field trip is taking place, and
  • an emergency contact number. 

At the school site, the SERVE student should be

  • made aware of the emergency procedures in case of an incident
  • oriented by the coordinator or supervising teacher for the school on what his or her roles and responsibilities will be as a chaperon of the trip
    • is he or she doing head counts?
    • is he or she supervising a certain number of K-12 students?
    • what are the restroom procedures?
    • who on the trip is going to provide first aid, if needed?
    • what are the emergency meet-up locations?
    • what is to be done if a K-12 student is lost on the trip?
    • what are the cell phone numbers of others present on the trip?
    • what is to be done if an uninvited parent or guardian shows up to take a child?
    • etc.

Federal Work-Study Program

If you receive Federal Work Study Financial Aid and are in tutoring students as part of the America Reads/America Counts (ARC)Program, it is possible to use your America Reads/America Counts work for your SERVE Placement. Contact the Office of Clinical Practice at for more information on the ARC program.  


Please contact the Teacher Preparation Advising Center at or 562/985-1105