SERVE Program Information

SERVE Program


What is SERVE?

The SERVE (Service Experiences for Re-Vitalizing Education) Program creates an opportunity for students at the undergraduate level, in particular for those who are considering careers in K-12 education, to learn about the realities of urban classrooms and the needs of the diverse K-12 student population. SERVE students work with students individually and in small groups to provide academic support and encourage personal growth. It is through this involvement that CSULB students assess their careers goals and provide direct service to students and teachers in grades K-12 and their communities.


SERVE Students are expected to have course work related to your service learning experience. You will be with a cooperating teacher that will be guiding you through your rotation. SERVE students will be working with students, one-on-one, small groups, and/or with classroom instructions.

SERVE students are not to teach lessons. SERVE students are expected to uphold a professional demeanor as a CSULB student.

Students enrolled in EDEL 200 and/or 300 will be expected to do service-learning hours.

EDEL 200 – Minimum 45 hours in the field

EDEL 300 – Minimum 40 hours in the field

SERVE students must obtain a Certificate of Clearance from the CTC (or other CTC clearance) and a valid TB Test prior to registering for SERVE and Requesting Placement through the S4@ The Beach online system.  Information on How to get cleared can be found by clicking on SERVE Clearance Information.

Registration for SERVE for EDEL 200 and EDEL 300 are done online through the S4@ The Beach online system. Log in to the system using your CSULB Beach ID and submit the registration form. Students must upload proof of a valid Certificate of Clearance and TB Test as part of the registration process. Click here for step by step instruction on how to register for SERVE on S4@ The Beach.

Candidates that currently work in an elementary setting may request to use their position for their SERVE placement if their position meets the SERVE Placement Conditions (see below).

You will need to do the following to request your school site:

  • Register on S4@ The Beach and upload your VALID CTC clearance and TB test.
  • Upload a scanned copy of a letter signed by your direct supervisor on official school letter head explaining your job duties, identifying your cooperating teacher(s), and if this placement meets the SERVE placement conditions.
  • Placements are at the discretion of the school district and are not guaranteed.

SERVE is currently partnered with 13 school districts around the Los Angeles and Orange County area. Although, we are partnered with a district, there are only certain schools in the district that are participating. Please visit the SERVE S4 Online System to see partnering school districts and schools.


Students will receive a confirmation email from the SERVE S4 Online system.

Once you are confirmed in a placement, you will need to email the SERVE site supervisor at your site. This information can be found in the confirmation email or you can view your placement on the SERVE S4 Online System.

Once placed, you will recieve your documents via your placement email sent from the SERVE S4 Online System.

  • The Field Placement Confirmation form will need to filled out and submitted on S4@ The Beach online system within 1 week after your first start date on your site.

Students will need log their hours weekly within S4@ The Beach and submit them for verification to their Cooperating Teacher no more than once a week.  Once you have completed your SERVE hours for the semester, you will need to fill out the End of Rotation form in S4@ The Beach and include your cooperating Teacher's name and email address. This will send a like to your Cooperating Teacher's email with the Final Evaluation. Your Cooperating Teacher will complete and submit the Final Evaluation on S4@ The Beach. Once your Cooperating Teacher has submitted it, you will be able to view and print your Final Evalution form S4@ The Beach.

Please contact the Teacher Preparation Advising Center for further information at or stop by EED-67.


Conditions for Field Placement

  • University students will work directly with K-8 students in urban classroom settings.
  • School has a diverse student population in terms of language, culture, gender and socio-economic background (minimum 27% of minority student population).
  • Cooperating teacher has a professional teaching credential with a minimum 3 years of teaching experience. Student is not related to cooperating teacher.
  • EDEL 200: INTRODUCTION TO THE TEACHING PROFESSION, 45 hours.  Student will participate in a regular, self-contained K-8 classroom, preferably an inclusive classroom, in a core academic area (not departmentalized, special education, computer labs, after-school programs, etc.)
  • EDEL 300: CULTURAL AND LINGUISTIC DIVERSITY IN SCHOOLS, 40 hours. Student will participate in an urban K-8 classroom, preferably and inclusive classroom.