SERVE Clearance Information

How to get cleared for the SERVE program

All candidates participating in SERVE (EDEL 200 or EDEL 300 only) placements must hold a valid TB Test and CTC Clearance such as a Certificate of Clearance issued by the CTC.  Once candidates have obtained a Certificate of Clearance (or other CTC Clearance) and a valid TB Test and have uploaded them to MyCED, ALL candidates must register through the S4 @ The Beach online system to request a placement.

Candidates that are requesting a SERVE Placement in Long Beach Unified School District must follow the steps below in addition to submitting your CTC Certificate of Clearance and TB Test through the S4@ The Beach online system.

Long Beach Unified School District (Clearance time: 5-7 weeks)

Candidates seeking to do fieldwork with LBUSD must be fingerprinted and cleared by the District prior to being placed in a school. LBUSD does not allow self-placements. All placement requests must go through the District Human Resources Office and can take up to 3 weeks to receive placement so it is suggested that candidates request a placement as soon as they are enrolled in courses that require fieldwork. 

Students seeking this options will need to obtain both: Certificate of Clearance from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) AND Long Beach Unified District Level Clearance which requires two sets of fingerprinting.

LBUSD Fingerprinting and Clearance Process:

  1. Upload your valid Certificate of Clearance and TB Test to MyCED for review and approval. 
  2. Obtain a negative TB Test within 60 days of application from a health care provider. 
  3. Complete the LBUSD Teacher Candidate Field Work Application 
  4. Schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted by LBUSD at All candidates that would like to complete fieldwork in LBUSD must fingerprint with the LBUSD HR. They will not accept a Certificate of Clearance or fingerprinting from any other agency. Fingerprinting is done by appointment ONLY. For more information on fingerprinting with LBUSD, click here.
  5. Fingerprinting is done at LBUSD Human Resources Office

    1515 Hughes Way
    ​Long Beach, CA 90810
  6. Once your application is processed and cleared you will be contacted via email by district staff with your fieldwork assignment. You need to reply to the email to accept or decline the placement. If you are no longer planning to do fieldwork in LBUSD, please respond to your placement email to let them know this so your placement can be given to another candidate. Placement can take up to 4 weeks so plan accordingly.