Announcing: MyCED

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MyCED is a new system being developed by the College of Education and our partners. It will eventually include our program applications and support our CED students throughout coursework, program milestones, and field work/clinical practice. We are piloting the first features in the 2022/23 Academic Year.

Access the system at

Logging In & Uploading Required Documents


Converting a file, such as a JPG or PNG to PDF, on a Mac
  1.     Open the Preview app. This is the included application on all Macs. Find and open the relevant file.
  2.     Choose File > Export.
  3.     Click the Format pop-up. Choose PDF as the file type.
  4.     Rename and save. Change the name and/or select a different location to save down your new PDF.
Converting a file, such as a JPG or PNG to PDF, on a PC
  1.     Open the file you want to convert. Your computer will open it with its default viewer. (With Windows, this should be the Photos app.)
  2.     Click CTRL+P to bring up the Print dialog box.
  3.     Click the Printer icon to open a drop-down list.
  4.     Select Microsoft Print to PDF.
  5.     Click Print. (This won’t actually print your document, but instead prompt the File Explorer dialog box to open.)
  6.     In the new dialog box, your document now has the PDF file extension. Choose where you want to save this file as a PDF and click Save to finalize.

A website screenshot of valid CTC fingerprint clearance, showing issuance/expiration dates and document number is required for your upload document.

Here are instructions on how to access the correct document to upload:

  1. Visit the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
  2. Click on "Search for an Educator"
  3. Click the "Secured Search” link to enter your SSN and DOB to access more detailed credentialed information.
  4. Click on your document number of your CTC Clearance
  5. Select Print and instead of printing, on a Mac use the options to Save as PDF, or on a PC Select Microsoft Print to PDF.


No, once you have added the documents to one course, they will automatically be added to all courses.

As long as the documents have not expired, you will not need to reupload them each semester. The document approvals will still be active in MyCED.

Please allow one week for course adds and drops to become active in MyCED.