Clinical Practice Clearance

SERVE, Clinical I, II, and III fieldwork opportunities all take place at a school site or facility with minors; therefore, all students are required to obtain clearance from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) and provide a negative TB test result prior to placement.

All students completing clinical practice/fieldwork associated with a CSULB course or credential program must have a valid Certificate of Clearance and TB Test prior to requesting a clinical practice/fieldwork placement with a partnering school district. Candidates seeking a clinical practice/fieldwork placement in LBUSD must follow the steps below in addition to obtaining a Certificate of Clearance and TB Test to receive district level clearance before being placed. 


  1. Check the list of Approved Fieldwork Sites to ensure we have an Affiliation Agreement on file with the school district.  If the district is listed, then all schools within the district are approved.  Check the columns at the top of the AA chart to ensure the district is approved for student teaching.  Clinical practice/fieldwork CANNOT be done in a district in which we do not have an agreement on file for liability purposes.
  2. Contact the school site directly and request a placement once the semester begins. When visiting the school site for the first time, you should bring with you the following items:
  • 1) Your valid Certificate of Clearance/30-Day Sub Permit/Activity Supervisor Permit/Child Development Permit,
  • 2) Valid TB Test (skin tests and TB risk assessments are valid for 4 years; chest x-rays are valid for 8 years),
  • 3) The MyCED letter of confirmation as proof of your qualifications to complete fieldwork.

 The school site will let you know the procedure to complete clinical practice/fieldwork within their district

LBUSD Teacher Candidate Clinical Practice/Fieldwork Clearance and Application Process

Spring 2024

Accepted: November 20, 2023 – February 2, 2024

The following steps are required if you are interested in completing clinical practice/fieldwork hours for SERVE, Clinical I, or Clinical II fieldwork at a Long Beach Unified School District site. LBUSD will secure a placement for you after you have completed the LBUSD Clearance and Application Process. Complete the following steps: 1.) Submit the LBUSD Teacher Candidate Fieldwork Application, 2.) Proof of negative TB test results or other approved medical documentation must be uploaded at the time of application for consideration of placement. 3.) Receive your placement from the district beginning February 16th and by March 15th and record it in MyCED


Step 1: Complete LBUSD Teacher Candidate Clinical Practice/Fieldwork Application – (November 20, 2023 - February 2, 2024)

Click on the following link to complete the LBUSD Teacher Candidate Clinical Practice/Fieldwork Application - Spring 2024 LBUSD Teacher Candidate Clinical Practice/Fieldwork Application


Step 2: Confirm and Submit All Required LBUSD Clearance Documentation - (By February 2, 2024)

Important:  The following documents must be uploaded to the application for it to be submitted:

  1. Government-issued photo ID
  2. TB Test/documentation: LBUSD requires a current TB Test/documentation within 60 days prior to your application or a completed TB questionnaire signed off by a physician. Proof of negative TB test results or other approved medical documentation must be uploaded at the time of application for consideration of placement. 
  3. Watch for Fingerprinting Clearance email: Complete the process no later than February 16th.

Exception: Current permanent employees may use the TB test on file if it is still valid. Please reach out to Diva Morillo at to verify.


Step 3: Documentation of Placement

  1. Receive classroom assignments directly from LBUSD by February 16, 2024.
  2. Follow the steps to upload all required information to MyCED.

For all LBUSD Questions:  Please contact Diva Morillo at, in the LBUSD's Teacher Development Office, for any application or clearance questions.  Once your application is processed and cleared, you will be contacted via email by district staff with your clinical practice/fieldwork assignment. You need to reply to the email to accept or decline the placementIf you are no longer planning to do fieldwork in LBUSD, please send an email to Lisseth Aragon directly or respond to your placement email to let them know so your placement can be given to another candidate. Placement can take up to 4 weeks, so plan accordingly. 

For questions about placements or student teaching, please contact the Office of Clinical Practice at

LAUSD Teacher Candidate Clinical Practice/Fieldwork Clearance and Application Process 

All university/college students who are interested in completing clinical practice/fieldwork (SERVE, Clinical 1, or Clinical 2) requirements at a Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) site MUST create a Practicum Fieldwork Student Profile and be fingerprinted by an LAUSD Agency. For out-of-state students, the district has an application process available as well. 

Step 1:

Confirm that your pre-requisites (TB Test and CTC Clearance) documents have been uploaded and approved in MyCED. 


Step 2:  

Click on the following link to access the LAUSD Teacher Candidate Clinical Practice/Fieldwork step-by step process for Spring 2024.  


Step 3: Documentation of Placement 

  1. Follow the steps to upload all required information to MyCED

For all LAUSD Questions: Please contact Tony Amparan at, for clearance questions.  Once cleared by LAUSD, students are required to self-place at a school site by reaching out directly to the principal at the school site.  

For questions pertaining to placement protocols or student teaching, please feel free to contact the Office of Clinical Practice at