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Lecturer Faculty Resources

Welcome! This set of resources collates a variety of the most sought after information for lecturer faculty.


Getting Started

Get started with the Faculty Affairs Faculty HandbookCSULB Lecturer Resources and the Faculty Center's New Faculty Start-up Guide! The Faculty Center also provides a calendar of events and lists workshops and programs on its main website.

Teaching Resources

CSULB's Faculty Center's main web page provides a drop down menu with a wealth of instructor resources. In addition, the College has compiled a collection of research-based Teaching Best Practices and a set of Web-based Teaching and Learning Resources organized by topical area. 

Technology and Teaching

Academic Technology Services (ATS) is the hub for classroom technology integration on campus. ATS provides BeachBoard support, including assistance with instructional design. Through ATS, you may also request equipment to checkout for classroom use or learn about Active Learning Classrooms. ATS offers training and support for a variety of instrutional tools and pedagogies. 

Supporting Students

The University provides a wide range of resources for supporting the academic and personal success of our students. The Division of Student Affairs curates a collection of these resources

Policies and Procedures 

The Faculty Center curates a collection of resources related to policies at CSULB and beyond. Of relevance to many lecturer faculty are CSULB's Attendance policy, Syllabus policy, information on dropping or withdrawing from classes, Cheating and Plagiarism policy, and Grade Appeals policy. Your department chair provides support on navigating policies and procedures; please reach out with any questions!

Lecturer Evaluation

Faculty Affairs provides evaluation resources for lecturers and posts an instructional memo at the start of each academic year.