Dropping and Withdrawing

During the first two weeks of class, you may drop one or more classes using self-service registration on MyCSULB Student Center.

Starting the third week of class, if you wish to withdraw from a class, you must complete the online withdrawal request on MyCSULB Student Center.

When you no longer plan to complete a class that you are enrolled in, you must drop or withdraw from the class. The process to drop or withdraw varies depending on when you decide to do so. The deadlines to drop or withdraw are available at Key Dates and Deadlines.

  • During the first two weeks of class, you may drop one or more classes using MyCSULB Student Center.
  • Starting the third week of class, you will need to request a withdrawal.
  • If you must withdraw during the final three weeks of the semester (or proportionate for winter or summer terms), you may petition for a Catastrophic Withdrawal. Catastrophic Withdrawals are only granted when a student is prevented from completing their classes due to serious and extenuating circumstances.
  • If you are withdrawing for medical reasons, you may request a medical withdrawal.
  • If you are withdrawing for service in the armed forces, you may request to withdraw for military leave.


You may request to withdraw from specific classes or all classes in a given term (fall, winter, spring, or summer). Withdrawing from all classes in a given term does not necessarily involve withdrawing entirely from CSULB. In most cases, if you withdraw from one term, you are still eligible to enroll for the next term. Please be aware that:

  • It is your responsibility to drop or withdraw by the deadline to be eligible for a full or prorated refund. Do not assume the university will remove you from a class for non-payment of fees or that the instructor will remove you for non-attendance.
  • If you fail to withdraw, you may receive a grade of WU or F in all of your classes and forfeit any or all deposits. See Understanding Grades and Grading for more information about the marks assigned for withdraws.
  • If you are currently receiving financial aid or have received aid previously, you may be responsible for paying back some or all of the aid. If you are unsure about your financial aid status, contact Financial Aid and Scholarships for information.
  • International students should contact International Student Services (CIE-Student@csulb.edu), as withdrawals can affect an international student’s visa status.
  • You may withdraw from a maximum of 18 units throughout your entire CSULB undergraduate career (see Undergraduate Withdrawal Limit for more information).