Active Learning Classrooms

The CSULB Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) are flexible, student-centered learning environments that allow instructors to actively engage their students.

ALC Features

There are three tiers of Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) on campus, each of which has unique features.

Tier 1 classrooms were the original design for ALCs on campus. These classrooms feature:

  • Fixed, small group collaboration tables with writable surfaces that can accommodate up to 10 students (Note: 4-6 students per table is recommended)
    • Each student table has a Windows computer, a flat-panel large display monitor, and personal device cable connections.
  • A centralized teaching station with a master control panel, Windows computer, document camera, DVD/Blu-ray player, and personal device cable connections
  • Projector and surround sound speaker system
  • Note: Some classrooms also include lecture capture/Hyflex technology

Click on the links below to view galleries of Tier 1 ALCs.

Tier 2 classrooms were the second generation of Active Learning Classrooms on campus. These classrooms include all of the same features as Tier 1 ALCs. However, the key difference is that the teaching station is not located in the center of the room. Rather, it is located along one side of the room. This allows the instructor to have a clearer view of all students without any students facing the instructor's back.

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Tier 3 classrooms are the latest Active Learning Classrooms on campus. Unlike Tier 1 and Tier 2 ALCs that have fixed seating and tethered technology, Tier 3 ALCs contain furniture that can rearranged, thus allowing faculty and students to customize the layout of the room. In other words, emphasis is on the flexible configuration of the rooms rather than the technology. For example, tables can be moved into a horseshoe configuration for fishbowl activities, pods for small group activities, and so on. These latest ALCs are designed to maximize opportunities for student interaction and encourage the use of active learning strategies.

Tier 3 ACLs features:

  • Moveable tables
  • Moveable chairs
  • Whiteboards
  • Lecture capture/Hyflex technology

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