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Academic Technology Services

Academic Technology Services

Academic Technology Services leads the CSULB campus in leveraging technology that effectively supports instruction, creates learning environments, and supports campus staff to foster student success. Visit our A-Z Services Index for a detailed listing of resources.

Who We Support

Find academic technology resources according to your campus role:

What We Do

Academic Technology Services offers a wide variety of support and tools for teaching, research, and business functions.

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BeachBoard LMS

Maintaining CSULB's Learning Management System (LMS) and assisting faculty and students with its integrated applications

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Instructional Design and Course Conversions

Collaborating with faculty to adapt content and teaching methodologies for online course delivery formats

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Classroom Technology

Building and maintaining Active Learning Classrooms and supporting the use of AV equipment in traditional classrooms

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Applications and Software

Developing integrated campus systems and managing the complimentary products provided to the campus through Software Depot

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Desktop Support Services

Providing comprehensive assistance to staff in the Division of Academic Affairs on software and hardware solutions for business operations

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Assessment Services

Managing the Student Perception Of Teaching (SPOT) process and supporting the development of assessment