Online Application Submission

General Admissions Process

  • Use Cal State Apply to file your application before the deadline 
  • Pay a non-refundable $70 fee 
  • Have your official transcripts submitted to the University
    • (GRE is no longer required for Admissions)
  • Await notification

Please see the left-hand navigation menu for detailed information about each of these steps.  If you have any questions or need help with the application process, please contact the Educational Leadership Office  at


Completed applications must be submitted via Cal State Apply by the following deadline:

Fall 2023

Application period begins: October 1, 2022

Application due date: February 15, 2023



Applications are not accepted after the deadline.



Use Cal State Apply to apply and be sure to complete all components of the application by the published deadline.


The Cal State Apply dashboard is divided into four sections:

  • Personal Information: contact information, biographic information and financial information, etc.
  • Academic History: colleges attended, GPAs, etc.; do not hand-enter transcript information
  • Supporting Information: enter “I am not adding any experiences”
  • Program Materials: Statement of Purpose, recommendations, etc.

Lastly, there is a non-refundable $70 application fee. Your application will not be processed until this fee has been paid. Please note that the CSU system does not offer a fee waiver for graduate level applications.


For technical assistance with Cal State Apply, please contact the Cal State Apply Help Desk:  (857) 304-2087, or visit the Cal State Apply Applicant Help Center.  Cal State Apply Application Support is available Monday – Friday, 6AM – 5PM PT.


Section 4 of Cal State Apply application requires you to submit supplementary program materials for the Admissions Review Committee. Upload the following on the 'Documents' tab in the Program Materials section of Cal State Apply:

  • Statement of purpose (prompt provided below)
  • Résumé
  • Writing Sample

IMPORTANT: The accepted file formats for uploading your documents are MSWord (.doc, .docx), JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg), PNG (.png), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Portable Document Format (.pdf), and ASCII Text file (.txt). The size limit for each file upload is 15MB. Macintosh Users: Please be sure that the appropriate extension (e.g., .doc, .docx, .pdf) is at the end of the file name you select.

Statement of Purpose Prompt

The function of the Statement of Purpose is to allow the Ed.D. Program admissions committee an opportunity to learn more about each candidate. Please limit the statement to 3-5 double spaced typed pages. The statement should be clear, concise, mechanically correct; please organize using subheadings for each question and draft in 12-point font. It should address the following areas:

  • The educational experiences that have prepared you to embark on a doctoral program
  • How the doctoral degree will help you achieve your professional goals 
  • Your professional work experiences in education, highlighting specific examples that demonstrate your leadership skills and your philosophy of leadership
  • What do you see as 1-2 major challenges facing educational leaders and how do you expect to apply your doctoral degree to address 1 or more of these challenges to promote racial equity, social justice, inclusiveness and diversity in urban education settings,
  • How you anticipate meeting both your professional responsibilities and the demands of doctoral study


Please upload the most recent copy of your resume that includes a contact phone number and email.  Your resume must include all pertinent and dated education and work experience information that responds to the following four areas:

  • demonstrated experience in and potential for leadership related to education
  • professional or community service engagement
  • scholarship and research potential which might include professional presentations, academic awards, evaluation and program improvement activities, professional development, publications, thesis work, or research interests
  • proficiency with technology (e.g., software use, operating systems)

Please limit the resume to no more than 3 professionally formatted pages.

Writing Sample

The purpose of the writing sample is to demonstrate the level of the applicant’s writing skills and degree of readiness to embark on a writing intensive graduate experience. The writing sample should reflect mostly or completely your own work, and generally in the range of 10-15 pages.

Preferred writing samples include publications, class papers, or a master's thesis. If these are unavailable, other acceptable samples include professional or research reports and grant proposals, If your work is the result of a collaboration (e.g., grant proposal), please specify your contribution. If you have questions, please consult with the associate director.

The sample will be evaluated on the following four dimensions:

  • the ability to identify and critically analyze a significant educational problem or issue within your discipline
  • the ability to demonstrate insight and thoughtful commentary regarding the problem
  • the ability to communicate ideas clearly and concisely
  • the ability to produce a product that is mechanically correct and free from grammatical and spelling errors.

Section 4 of Cal State Apply application requires you to submit supplementary program materials for the Admissions Review Committee. Be prepared to enter email contact information for three recommenders in the ‘Recommendations’ tab in the Program Materials section of Cal State Apply.


Three (3) letters of recommendation are required, one of which should be from your current supervisor. Other recommendations can be from former supervisors, university faculty members, or other general recommenders.

We encourage you to seek the strongest possible letters. Therefore, we suggest speaking with your recommenders before completing this section of the application. Please ask them to write specifically and candidly about your educational leadership potential and skills, ability to succeed in a rigorous program of doctoral study, and interest in critically assessing and bringing about improvements in educational policies and practices.

Once you have entered and saved information for a recommender, an email request will automatically be sent to the recommender on your behalf. Please advise your recommender to look for this email in their inbox, as well as their spam or junk-mail folder, as emails do occasionally get filtered out.

Deadline for Fall 2023: February 15, 2023

Lastly, Cal State Apply allows you to enter a note to the recommender. Please copy and paste the instructions below to be included in the email request to your recommenders.

Please attach your letter (on letterhead) using the link provided. 

Please write candidly about:

  • the applicant’s educational leadership potential and skills
  • ability to succeed in a rigorous program of doctoral study
  • interest in critically assessing and bringing about improvements in educational policies and practices.