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When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is February 15th.

The CSULB Graduate Admissions Application ( closes at midnight on February 15th.

The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership Program Application is accepted with a postmark date of February 15th.

What applications are required to apply to the program?

Two applications must be completed for admission:

  1. The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership Program Application
  2. The CSULB Graduate Admissions Application (

What documents are required for the Educational Leadership Program Application?

Submit pages 3 and 4, a current resume, statement of purpose, writing sample, employer letter of support, and 3 letters of recommendation to the Educational Leadership Department Office. Applicants may mail in their documents as they become available, or they can submit all the documents together.

Official transcripts and GRE scores are sent directly to Enrollment services.

The Ed.D. Program Application is available online. Please download, complete, and print the application for submission directly to the Educational Leadership Office. There is no fee to complete the program application.

How do I complete the CSULB Graduate Admissions Application?

Access to this application closes on February 15th at midnight.  The steps to complete the application are:

  1.  Go to
  2.  Complete the FALL Graduate Admissions Application (available on October 1)
  3.  Click on the "Apply Online" tab at the top of the page
  4.  Select "Graduate Admissions Application"
  5.  Select the "CSU Graduate Admissions Application" for the appropriate academic year from the list provided
  6.  The correct term is the FALL semester of the same year you are applying (e.g., if you are applying for Summer 2014 admission, you will select the Fall 2014 semester).
  7.  Click the "select a campus and major" button
  8.  Select "Long Beach Campus" and click "set campus"
  9.  Select "Elem/Secondary Leadership Ed.D." to apply to the K - 12 specialization, OR select "Higher Ed Leadership Ed.D." to apply to the Community College/Higher Education specialization
  10. Follow the instructions to input the information necessary to complete the application
  11. Pay the $55.00 application fee online

I already attended CSULB; do I need to submit official transcripts?

If you attended as an undergraduate or graduate student at CSULB, you do not need to submit official transcripts for any coursework you completed at this campus.  If you attended for a Master degree program, you may not have to submit your official transcripts for undergraduate coursework, however, it is recommended that you check with the Associate Director to make sure the undergraduate transcripts are on file.

What are some qualities you are seeking in an applicant?

The Admissions Committee will focus primarily on whether or you are a “good fit” with the program.  They are seeking applicants that wish to become administrative leaders in the K12, Community College, or 4-year colleges.  Although we look at application materials holistically, the committee members will focus on your professional background (shown in your resume) and your career/professional goals (provided in your Statement of Purpose) to determine your eligibility.

How do I sign up to take the General GRE?

You can register to take the GRE by going to:

The test is computer-based and there are several test locations to choose from in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

What is the minimum score required for the GRE?

The program does not require a minimum score for consideration by the Admissions Committee.  All complete applications are reviewed by the committee and the GRE score counts for less than 5% of the overall application review.

Can you accept the GMAT or GRE Subject Test scores instead of the General GRE?

The program can only accept the General GRE, we cannot accept any alterative tests.  The scores must be from within the past five years.

Does the Admissions Committee give greater weight to certain sections of the GRE?

The committee considers all three sections of the GRE equally.

If I already have a Master degree; do I have to take the GRE to apply to the program?

Yes, all applicants must submit official General GRE scores to be considered by the Admissions Committee.

I completed the GRE for my Master degree program, can you accept those scores?

Yes, we can accept General GRE scores that were completed within the past 5 years of your application date.  If your test scores fall outside of this timeframe, you will need to re-take the exam.  If you have questions about whether or not your scores fall within the timeframe, please contact the Associate Director for clarification.

How much consideration does the Admissions Committee give to the GRE score?

Applications are reviewed holistically, meaning all materials are carefully considered to arrive at an offer to interview or admission decision.  The General GRE score counts for a very small percentage of the overall application score.  It is important to note that because applications are reviewed holistically, no applicant should be discouraged from applying to the program due to anxiety about taking the GRE.  If you have further questions about the GRE, you are encouraged to speak with the Associate Director.

When should I take the GRE to make sure the official scores arrive by the application deadline?

Official GRE scores can take up to 10 business days to be processed, please take this into consideration when you sign up to the take the exam.  If you are concerned about the timing of your exam and the arrival of the official scores, please consult with the Associate Director.

General Information

How many units are required each semester?

Students complete a program of study that requires enrollment in 5 - 8 units each semester.

How long will it take to complete the program?

The program of study is 60 units and takes 3 years to complete (requires enrollment summer, fall, and spring terms).

The first 7 semesters consist of coursework (48 units) and the last 2 semesters consist of completion of the dissertation (12 units).

Can I apply to the program if I do not have a degree in education?

Yes.  We do accept students without degrees in education, our students come from a wide variety of disciplines and professional backgrounds.

What is the program of study?

Summer I (7 units)

  • Proseminar in Educational Leadership                               
  • Educational Research Epistemologies & Methodologies         
  • Leadership in Higher Education  OR Leadership in Elementary/Secondary Education                    

Fall I (8 units)

  • Professional Seminar in Education Leadership
  • Organizational Leadership in Educational Settings
  • U.S. Education and Diversity

Spring I (7 units)

  • Advanced Professional Seminar in Education Leadership
  • Qualitative Research Methods for Education Leadership
  • Program and Student Assessment
  • Teaching and Learning in Post Secondary Settings OR Organizational Culture & Community Engagement in Education 

Summer II (6 units)

  • Advanced Professional Seminar in Education Leadership
  • Inferential Data Analysis in Education

Fall II (8 units)

  • Advanced Professional Seminar in Education Leadership
  • Legal and Ethical Leadership
  • Institutional Effectiveness

Spring II (8 units)

  • Advanced Qualitative or Quantitative Methods
  • Policy, Politics, and Power in Educational Settings
  • Policy and Finance Issues in Community Colleges OR Curriculum Theory, Instruction, Leadership, and Accountability

Summer III (5 units)

  • Applied Field Research
  • Exploration of Campus Culture OR Financial and Human Resource Development
  • Pre-Dissertation

Fall III (6 units)


Spring III (6 units)



How much does the program cost?

Students admitted to the CSU Long Beach Ed.D. Program are qualified to apply for federal financial aid.  Current students may qualify for unsubsidized Stafford loans.  Some admitted students may be eligible to recieve needs-based grants funds that are awarded mid-year.

Details on the costs of the program can be found at:

Details on the types of financial aid can be found at:

Applicants to the program are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

What types of financial support are available for the program?

Students enrolled in the Ed.D. Program are eligible for any federal financial aid they are qualified to receive, our students typically receive unsubsidized Stafford loans.  We also offer a few scholarships and fellowships.  The scholarships are provided by the College of Education, and the deadline to apply is in February each year.  The fellowships are linked to research opportunities that are facilitated by our faculty and change from year to year.  The scholarship awards range from $300 - $2000, the fellowships range from $2500 - $5000.

What is your student retention rate?

Our current retention rate is 85%.  Most of the students who leave the program sight personal or financial reasons for taking a leave of absence.

What is your 3-year graduation rate?

Our 3-year graduation rate is 75% (this includes data from graduating cohorts through the Class of 2018).

Our 3-year plus one summer term graduation rate is 88%.  This means some of our students elect to enroll for one extra term (the summer term) to complete their dissertation.

What is your overall graduation/completion rate?

Our overall graduation rate (meaning all students we have retained and have completed the program) is 97%.