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Applying for your Initial Teaching Credential


Fall 2018 Completers

If you have completed all Preliminary Education Specialist, Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential Program requirements, you are now ready to be recommended for your credential. Please complete the following steps:

Step 1:

  • Education Specialist: AFTER your Fall 2018 grades have posted, submit the following items to the Credential Center by February 15, 2019*:
  • Multiple & Single Subject: AFTER your Fall 2018 grades have posted and CalTPAs have been passed, submit the following items to the Credential Center by February 15, 2019*:
    • Request for Recommendation (PDF) Note: You must have submitted your Certificate of Completion printout for the CTC Program Completer Survey** to the Teacher Preparation Advising Center (TPAC) and have received notification of passing results on all TPA's, before submitting your Request for Recommendation.
    • Any missing items (RICA, US Constitution, CPR, etc...)
    • Items may be submitted by email to, fax (562) 985-7617 or in-person to EED-42

Step 2: A CSULB Credential Analyst will submit an online credential recommendation to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

Step 3: You will automatically receive an email from the CTC ( directing you to go online to Complete Your Program's Recommendation. For assistance, the CTC has created a video and downloadable Step-by-Step guide to completing your online portion.

Student Teacher Professional Development Day Presentations

*After February 15, 2019​ - Candidates that have not completed all credential requirements and/or submitted their Request for Recommendation will be made inactive. It will be the responsibility of the credential candidate to contact our office when all credential requirements have been completed. Note: a new Credential Evaluation and Service fee may apply.

**CTC asks that Preliminary Multiple, Single, or Education Specialist credential candidates please complete a Program Completer Survey prior to credential recommendation. Information for completing this survey will be provided by the Teacher Preparation Advising Center. Your feedback about your preparation program is valuable and will be provided back to the institution to help improve preparation programs as well as reported on a statewide basis by the Commission. Please be assured that your data is and will remain confidential, no candidate will be individually identified from the survey responses.