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Topic Credential Center Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC)
Adding Authorizations

To establish a Credential Center File, please see Opening a Credential Center file

To request a document recommendation, please see the following:

  • Application 41-4 form (PDF) (Instructions (PDF)) for Added Authorizations or Extensions
  • Video and downloadable guide for completing credential recommendation
  • Effective 2/16/17, the CTC is requiring all educators to create a username and password to view your credential records and personal information. Please make sure you update your email address prior to a credential recommendation by the CSULB Credential Center to assure the email being sent by CTC goes to a current valid email address.
Basic Skills Information
Certificate of Clearance
Contact Information
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Evaluation Fee

The Credential Center at CSULB charges a non-refundable $25 fee for an evaluation of credential or authorization requirements. This fee is payable by:

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  • Moving/Moved out of California? Need Program Verification? We can help.
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University Internships
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