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Freshmen Advising

CSULB requires all first-year students to receive academic advising in their first year (fall and spring semesters). If you do not receive academic advising during the fall and spring terms, your registration hold will not be lifted. More information about the university policy on freshmen advising can be found on the Undergraduate Advising Resources page.

What to do before attending your Freshmen Mandatory Advising

First-Year Mandatory Advising will take place during the month of March. The date of your advising session will vary based on major.

Before completing your First-Year Mandatory Advising, please complete the following steps:

  1. Verify your major.
    • Advising sessions are major-specific. If you are planning to change your major, please do so before attending an advising session. If you change your major after your advising session, you will be required to attend another session for your new major.
    • If you are unsure of your major, log in to Single Sign On and click on MyCSULB student center
    • Under your Academics section, click on "My Academics"
    • Your major/pre-major will be listed under "Current Academic Objective" on the right side of the page.
      • If you wish to change your major to a CHHS major, please visit our Major, Minor, and Certificate Requests webpage.
      • If you wish to change your major to a major outside of CHHS, please reach out to the advising center for the major you want to pursue.
  2. Verify that all test and/or transfer credit is posted.
    • To ensure we are advising you accurately, please make sure all AP/IB and/or college credit is posted to your record before attending your advising session.
    • To verify your credit, log in to Single Sign On and click on MyCSULB student center.
    • Under your Academics section, click on "My Academics"
    • Click on "My Transfer Credit Report"
    • If any credit is missing from your transfer credit report, please submit your records to Enrollment Services immediately. Please visit the Freshmen Test and Transfer Credit webpage for more information on how to transfer your credit.

How to complete your advising requirement

  • All CHHS first-year students will be required to complete the following components to complete their advising requirement:
    1. Submit a tentative Fall 2022 schedule
    2. Participate in your mandatory advising session
  • Your advising session will vary based on major and could be a workshop, appointment, or recorded video. You will be emailed information for your specific major to your CSULB student email account, so please check your CSULB email! 
  • In your advising session, your advisors will go over:
    • Major specific information important to your 2nd year of college
    • How to enroll in summer classes
    • How to declare into your major
    • Important tips and tools for your future success 
  • After you have submitted your proposed Fall 2022 schedule/plan through the online module, an advisor will email you an invitation to your advising session. The module will walk you through how to build a schedule and require you to submit a proposed fall schedule. Please try your best in building a schedule/plan; an advisor will review your schedule/plan to ensure you have selected the right courses.  Any blank schedules will not be reviewed and students will be required to resubmit the module.
  • If you have any questions for your advisor, please save them for your advising session.

Important Terms

  • Major Specific Requirements (MSR): A set of required courses and GPAs that must be met for each major.
  • Pre-Major: A student who is not officially in the major but is planning to pursue the major. Students meet MSR to become an official major.
  • Declared Major: A student who is officially in the major, either from the admissions process or by meeting the MSR for their major.
  • Lower Division: Any course numbered 100 to 299 level.
    • Example: ENGL 100B
  • Upper Division: Any course numbered 300 to 499 level.
    • Example: CLSC 300
  • Enrollment Appointment: The assigned date and time you can enroll in courses for an upcoming semester. Your enrollment appointment is sent to you via email and is posted to your MyCSULB student center each term.
  • Prerequisite: A course that must be completed before enrolling in another course.
    • Example: MATH 112A must be completed before MATH 112B.
  • Corequisite: A course that must be completed before or at the same time as another course.

University Policies

We always recommend meeting with an advisor to discuss university policies and how they may affect your individual record. Visit us during Drop-In Advising if you need to discuss one of the following policies.

  • Educational Leave: An educational leave allows you to take time off from CSULB without reapplying to the school. You must have earned at least 1 unit to be eligible for educational leave in Spring 2022. 
  • Repeating Courses: If you earn a "D" or "F" in a course, you have the option to repeat the class. We recommend retaking courses at CSULB if you want to earn grade forgiveness. You cannot repeat courses that you earn a "C" or better in. If you are not passing courses that you are currently enrolled in, it may be in your best interest to repeat those courses in the following semester. Speak with your CHHS advisor if you find yourself not passing one or more of your courses!
  • Withdrawing: Withdrawals allow you to get out of a course after the drop period on MyCSULB ends. These require multiple levels of approval and can affect your financial aid and graduation. Always consult with your CHHS advisor before withdrawing from courses.

Summer Session


Chemistry Placement Test (CPT) for CHEM 111A

The Chemistry Placement Test (CPT) is now available online via BeachBoard. Please contact Prof. Shahab Derakhshan to be added to the Chemistry Placement BeachBoard course and include your student ID number.  Students receiving NC (No Credit) in CHEM90 are not eligible for the online test and must complete CHEM ALEKS.

Students meeting one of the criteria listed below will be eligible to register for CHEM 111A in Spring 2022:

  1. Students with a Chemistry AP Exam scores 2 or 3. Contact Chemistry & Biochemistry, Professor Shahab Derakhshan to request a permit.
  2. Students who have completed CHEM 140 with a grade of "C" or better or are currently enrolled in CHEM 140. Contact Chemistry & Biochemistry, Professor Shahab Derakhshan to request a permit.
  3. Students who have successfully completed CHEM 90 (CR) in Spring 2021 or earlier. Contact Chemistry & Biochemistry, Professor Shahab Derakhshan to request a permit.
  4. Students who are eligible to repeat CHEM 111A. Contact Chemistry & Biochemistry, Professor Shahab Derakhshan to request a permit.
  5. Students who received a score of 24 or better on the CPT prior to March 2020. No permit request is needed.
  6. Students who have successfully completed CHEM 90 (CR) in Fall 2021. No permit request is needed.
  7. Students who have successfully completed CHEM ALEKS online assessment. No permit request is needed.

If you need to complete the CHEM ALEKS online assessment:

  • Go to
  • Enter the class code PGUXQ-UKY3J.
  • You will need to purchase the ALEKS license, the cost is $25. This provides 6 weeks of access.
  • The CHEM ALEKS assessment will take 4-40 hours depending on your level of chemistry knowledge. You may spread this out over multiple days.