Advising Team

Name: Chrissy Franks Sayed
Role: Director 
Major: CRJU
Fact: I am an animal lover and I have 2 dogs.

Name: Jen Villalobos
Role: Assistant Director 
Major: HCA, KIN, REC, RT
Fact: I got stabbed by a fish. 

Name: Lisa Fish 
Role: Assistant Director 
Major: HSC, NRSG, SW
Fact: I've hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. 

Name: Sneha Hamilton
Role: Assistant Director 
Fact: I am left-handed. 

Name: Berenice Contreras 
Role: Academic Advisor 
Major: CDFS
Fact: I read 50 books in the last year.

Name: Javier Gallarzo
Role: Academic Advisor 
Fact: I've been on stage as a musician and a comic, I decided to keep my day job.

Name: Katie De La Torre
Role: Academic Advisor 
Major: CDFS, KIN
Fact: I can teach dogs how to say I love you. 

Name: Lauren Hines
Role: Academic Advisor 
Major: CRJU
Fact: I am an excellent singer in my car. 

Name: Lupe Capistran
Role: Academic Advisor 
Major: CRJU, KIN
Fact:  I quote way too much from Friends.

Name: Miyuki Nishimura
Role: Academic Advisor 
Major: NRSG
Fact: I have a pug named Frida Paw-lo.

Name: Sara Diulio
Role: Academic Advisor 
Major: CRJU
Fact: I saw a large shark while snorkeling in Hawaii. 

Name: Talia Enstad
Role: Academic Advisor Trainee 
Major: FD, FMD
Fact: I am Bad Bunny's first love.

Name: Viri Prado
Role: Academic Advisor 
Major: FD, FMD, HCA, HSC
Fact: I am on level 4,153 of Candy Crush.

Name: Daisy Aguirre-Lopez
Role: Administrative Support Assistant
Fact: I love capybaras.

Name: Janise Dava
Role: Administrative Support Coordinator
Fact: My whole family starts with the letter 'J.'

Name: Catherine Raymundo
Role: Student Assistant
Fact: I love the ocean but I don't know how to swim. 

Name: Nani Kalaw
Role: Student Assistant
Fact: I got a free tattoo on my leg.