Resource Centers

Student Cultural Resource Centers - Update 5/11/2022

Dear students,

I'm excited to report the valuable feedback from students has been collected and analyzed. After a thorough review of available spaces on campus, President Conoley and Provost Scissum Gunn have both approved a plan to create schematic drawings/renderings of the cultural resource centers inside the University Library. We look forward to sharing more information and the drawings with students when they are available.

Thank you and Go Beach,
Beth Lesen, Ph.D.
Vice President of Student Affairs

Student Cultural Resource Centers - Update 11/19/2021

Dear students,

As stated in the 2020 CSULB Equity and Action Report, President Conoley’s highest facilities priority is ensuring the student cultural resource centers are reflected prominently in the university’s master plan. Today, I am pleased to provide a status update on behalf of the staff working so diligently on this initiative. These resource centers are invaluable to our community. They represent decades of student involvement and a very special historical legacy. These centers are more than spaces; they are homes to communities that have undoubtedly supported thousands of resilient students in successfully earning degrees from the Beach. We are committed to making sure future generations of students have community environments that cultivate the same success, but in newly renovated space with far more resources available. 
Our fundamental goal: Create a new, beautifully renovated home for the student cultural resource centers. To achieve this goal, we have already been engaging in a thorough consultation process with wide student input. We know getting this right is critical and we have plenty of time to make sure all voices are heard in the process. We do not have the pressure of a short timeline.  The current centers can remain in their current location until at least May 2023.

Summary of Progress:

  • Student Kick-Off Meeting with 20-25 student leaders
  • Eight (8) 1-hour student focus groups provided initial feedback on space needs
  • Questionnaire for center staff, including student assistants
  • Online student survey and digital open feedback form open to all students
  • Three (3) student organizations and six (6) student leaders have met with university leadership
  • Staff and student leaders tour of the newly renovated Diversity Initiatives and Resource Centers at CSU, Fullerton

Next Steps:

  • All feedback will be collected and analyzed in the formation of a proposed plan
  • The proposed plan will be shared with students in the centers, student organizations, and Associated Students, Inc. for additional input and feedback

If you are inspired to participate in this in-depth consultation process and would like to be a part of designing the student cultural resource centers of the future, please contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Inclusion at Stay tuned for additional updates on the proposed plans in the coming months on the OMA webpage


Take care and be well,
Beth Lesen, Ph.D.
Vice President of Student Affairs