Resource Centers

Cultural Resource Centers

The mission of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Resource Center is to provide a space for Asian American and Pacific Islander students, organizations, faculty and staff to come together as a community.

  • Location: FO4-276 

The mission of the Black Resource Center is to provide a facility for Black/African students, staff and faculty to come together in a secure, supportive, well maintained, functional, and Black/African centered environment. The focus of the center is to benefit the cultural growth and development of the CSULB Black/African community.

  • Location: FO4-274


The LGBTQ Resource Center was established to serve the greater campus community by striving to create a safer and supportive environment for all LGBTQ students, faculty and staff, as well as, the community members who identify as allies. The center hopes to advocate for and educate on topics related to homophobia, heterosexism, inclusive language, and other sexual and gender identity issues. The center's space can be used for group meetings, support programs, teach-ins, and other sexual and gender identity-related programs.

  • Location: FO4-165

The Muslim Resource Centers promotes the faith formation of the Muslim students on campus while supporting their academic, social, and professional goals. The goal of the center is to provide a home away from home for those seeking to engage in the Muslim traditions.

  • Location: FO4-282

The Puvungna Resource Center serves to create an atmosphere of special support, cultural enrichment, academic retention, and most importantly, a sense of community for Native American/American Indian students. The center operates to provide academic and cultural resources for the CSULB campus community.

  • Location: University Student Union (USU), Suite 310

The Latinx Resource Center's goal is to provide resources that educate students about the many historical and cultural backgrounds that make up the Chicanx & Latinx population. This also includes community organizing and the promotion and education of social movements and political issues that continue to affect Chicanxs and Latinxs today.

  • Location: FO4-262