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Chemistry Placement

CHEM 111A Placement for Spring 2022

The Chemistry Placement Test (CPT) is now available online via BeachBoard.

Please contact the CHEM 111A Coordinator to be added to the Chemistry Placement BeachBoard course and include your student ID number in your email.

CHEM 111A Coordinator
Prof. Shahab Derakhshan

Students receiving NC (No Credit) in CHEM 90 are not eligible for the online test and must complete CHEM ALEKS.

Students majoring in chemistry, biology, environmental science and policy (ESP), geology, materials science, chemical engineering, and biomedical engineering are required to complete general chemistry (CHEM 111A/B).

Criteria for CHEM 111A

Students meeting one of the criteria (a-g) listed below will be eligible to register for CHEM 111A in Spring 2022:

  1. received Chemistry AP Exam scores 2 or 3
  2. completed CHEM 140 with a grade of "C" or better or are currently enrolled in CHEM 140
  3. successful completion of CHEM 90 (CR) in Spring 2021 or earlier
  4. eligible to repeat CHEM 111A
  5. received a score of 24 or better on the CPT test prior to 3/2020
  6. successful completion of CHEM 90 (CR) in Fall 2021
  7. successful completion of CHEM ALEKS online assessment

Students meeting criteria listed under 1, 2, 3, or 4 must contact the CHEM 111A Coordinator to request permit; please include your student ID number in the email.

Students meeting criteria listed under 5, 6, or 7 will be added to CHEM 111A student group automatically (no permit request necessary). CHEM 90 students will be cleared as soon as grades are final. Approvals from ALEKS will be updated weekly.

CHEM 111A approvals are entered as they become available, and will continue until classes start. If you have questions, contact the CHEM 111A Coordinator. Please include your student ID number in your email for faster service.

Chemistry Placement Test (CPT)

CHEM 111A coursework assumes that students have mastered the material covered in prerequisite courses. Much of the material in the first four weeks of class is covered in earlier science classes as well as in high school chemistry classes.

The Chemistry Placement Test is designed to determine if you have the necessary background in science to succeed in CHEM 111A. The test covers material from high school chemistry and high school college preparatory math courses.

More information is available at Testing Programs - Chemistry Placement Test.


The Chemistry Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (CHEM ALEKS) assessment is designed to judge your preparation in chemistry and will take 4-40 hours depending on your level of chemistry knowledge. You may spread this task over multiple days.

You need to master 80% of the topics for unrestricted access to CHEM 111A, or 50-80% with co-enrollment in CHEM 95. The assessment will also help you review for CHEM 111A and counts in place of the extra credit assignment in ALEKS which is given in CHEM 111A the week before classes start.

To complete the online assessment, go to ALEKS - Student Sign Up, enter the class code PGUXQ-UKY3J, and follow directions. You will need to purchase the ALEKS license at a cost of $25 for 6 weeks access.