Advising Mission & Outcomes

Mission Statement

We provide holistic advising that helps students create meaningful college experiences and make informed decisions about their academic, personal, and career goals.

Our work is:

  • Holistic: We adapt to a variety of student goals and needs, recognizing that there is no universal way to be a successful student.
  • Collaborative: We work with partners across campus to deliver targeted services, and we collaborate with students to help them take ownership of their academic plans.
  • Innovative: We regularly assess and update our practices to meet student needs, and we grow as professionals to provide expert and effective advising.

We help students graduate with valuable degrees that promote happier, healthier, and safer lives.

Student Learning Outcomes

Through the academic advising experiences at the CHHS Advising Center, students will:

Cognitive (Know)

  • Know the importance of General Education (GE)
  • Understand degree requirements as outlined in the University Catalog
  • Know how to find important policy information
  • Understand how university policies affect their individual undergraduate careers
  • Understand the expectations outlined in the advising syllabus

Behavioral (Do)

  • Demonstrate the ability to make effective decisions concerning their degree (such as appropriate major and course selection)
  • Develop an achievable educational plan using the Academic Requirements Report (ARR) and/or Degree Planner
  • Make timely progress towards graduation
  • Utilize various campus resources as needed
  • Take an active role in the advising relationship

Affective (Appreciate)

  • Appreciate the value of the advising experience
  • Recognize the benefits of being involved in campus life
  • Value the opportunities for enhancing critical thinking skills

Further perspectives and information regarding the responsibilities and importance of the advising process can be found at the following locations: