Community Clinic FAQs

Unfortunately, we cannot accept court mandated cases. Our Student Clinicians are graduate students in training and are not yet licensed professionals who would be able to appear in court.

Although we accept applications year-round, if you are interested in receiving our services for the current year, the best time to submit an application is two months before the start date of the services you are interested in. (However, please note that admittance is based on first-come, first-served basis and the level of need).

For specific dates and times, please visit our "Services" page and scroll down to see our Clinic flyer.

The Clinic cannot provide official diagnoses given that our Clinicians are still in training. Furthermore, it is not considered best practice to provide a diagnosis based on psychoeducational assessments alone. Official diagnoses should take into consideration classroom observations and teacher reports as well. Our services provide you with a final report that indicates whether your child's test results are consistent with certain disabilities.With this information provided by our psychoeducational assessments, parents can ask for an SST (Student Success Team) at their school, which can start the process that leads to an IEP or accomodations for their child. If you are specifically looking for a diagnosis, please contact your local school psychologist or licensed educational psychologist.

The Community Clinic is located at 1250 Bellflower Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90840.
We are located in building ED2, room 155.
Our major cross streets are W. Campus Drive and 7th street.

From 405 Fwy Northbound / 22 Fwy West / 605 Fwy South: Exit at 22 Fwy West/7th Street and continue straight onto 7th Street. Turn right at West Campus Drive. Make an immediate right and drive straight to the stop sign. Metered parking is located straight ahead and also in the South turnaround to the left.

Because this changes on a semester-to-semester basis, please contact us for a more updated response.

No. We are a training facility and all services are held at the Community Clinic.

Yes, these needs will be taken into consideration; however there are no guarantees that each consideration will be met.

No, unfortunately we do not provide childcare. Children cannot be left in the waiting room unattended. Children cannot be brought into session unless it is a family counseling.

The Community Clinic does not provide these assessments, however we may be able to provide referrals to centers that are able to do so.

For all confirmed services, parking is included.

Visiting guest can park in the pay by space, short term parking located at the south turnaround. Guest must purchase a virtual permit from kiosk( license plate required). See below campus map. 

Once you have been confrimed for services, parking codes will be provided to access virtual permit. 
You can only park in the designeated "Clinic Parking" spaces and short term (green) parking spaces located at the south turnaround. Clinic clients are also allowed to park in Lot 8A . 

Please note that if you do not follow our instructions, you may be at risk for receiving a parking ticket.

Parking in metered spaces is available to all vehicles. Use of metered spaces requires deposit or meter fees.Guest are also welcome to park in the general parking lots with a valid virtual parking permit that can be purchased from a kioskr box. 

Failure to follow all parking rules and regulation may result in fines, penatlities and additional adminstrative processing fees. The Clinic is not liable for any parking citation/fees. Please contact Parking & Transportation Services at 562-984-4146, if you have any questions regarding a citation. 

Please click on campus map for lots refrences. 
Campus Map

The primary purpose of the Clinic is to provide a training site for graduate students enrolled in various practicum courses. Although we would like to assist every parent/guardian requesting our services, we are not always able to do so.

  • Psychoeducational Assessment: Child must be one to two years below grade level.
  • Tutoring: Child must be two years below grade level in reading or math.
  • Counseling: Child must be referred by parent, school personnel, or school mental health professionals.

In addition to the Information Questionnaire and Teacher Report Form, we require a current copy of the child's grade report card and STAR test results.

Our Clinic can provide services by appointment only. The primary purpose of the Clinic is to provide a training site for graduate students enrolled in various practicum courses. Although we would like to assist every individual requesting services, we are not always able to do so. The number of clients we accept is limited to the number of graduate students enrolled in the related practica course.