Checking Out Materials/ Room Reservations

Clinic Resources

For CSULB Faculty and Students ONLY 

Graduate students are welcome to browse through and check out any materials from the Clinic Resource Room.  The Resource Room contains numerous academic and social intervention materials, including leveled books, phonics games, curriculum-based measurement probes, whiteboards, Second Step curricula, Program Achieve, etc. 
Complete Inventory List (PDF)

  • Our psychoeducational assessments (tests of cognition, processing, achievement, adaptive behaviors, social skills, etc) are kept in the testing room. Please speak with the staff to access items stored in the testing room. To see the Clinic assessment materials inventory, click on: 

  • CSULB students and faculty can learn more about these tests by accessing the online Mental Measurements Yearbook, through the CSULB library by going to /library/eref/eref.html and clicking on the Mental Measurement Yearbook link. Test Inventory.
  • Check-Out Policy: Students enrolled in a CSULB class may check out materials if they have the permission of the faculty who teaches the class. Students who fail to return the materials to the clinic by the due date may have a hold placed on their academic record. Faculty on a current contract may check-out materials as well. Unfortunately, clinic materials cannot be loaned to alumni or community members.
  • Check-Out Procedure:  Please check-out materials with the Clinic staff before leaving the Clinic.  Once you have submitted a Student Record Card, a file will be opened in your name.  Student Record Cards can be obtained at the Clinic. These record cards must be signed by your instructor in order to be valid. Please be aware of and comply with the due dates of the materials you check-out.  Most Clinic materials may be checked out for one week.  If certain materials are in high demand, they may be check-out for a shorter amount of time.
  • Assessment Instruments and Test Kits:  Test kits must be checked out in their entirety.  When returning kits, please ensure that ALL components are included.  Please refer to the inventory card attached to the kit.
  • Test Record Forms/Protocols:  Test record forms/protocols may be checked-out to be reviewed along with the test kit or purchased if you intend to use them. The forms should not be photocopied. Please ask the staff for pricing if you are interested in purchasing these.
  • Damaged/Lost Materials:  Damaged or lost materials are the responsibility of the last person who checked them out.  For this reason, it is important that you do not trade or lend checked-out materials to anyone else.
  • Late Returns:  Overdue fees are charged for materials that are turned in late (Test kits are $5.00 per late day, per item. Other items are $1.00 per late day, per item).

Observation Room and Patio Reservations

CED faculty, students and staff are invited to use the Clinic Rooms for teaching, research and service activities or the Patio for teaching and meetings.  In order to reserve a room, please fill out our Clinic Room Reservation Form and email the completed form to the Clinic at
Clinic Room Reservation Form (PDF)


The Clinic staff is more than happy to give class orientations regarding the policies and procedures of the Clinic. Orientations give an overview of every policy listed above, a tour of the Clinic and observation rooms, the importance of confidentiality, and more. If you are an instructor who is participating in the Clinic for your class, please email the Clinic at in order to schedule your class orientation. Class orientations typically last 20-30 minutes. For a copy of our orientation packet, click the link below: