UDCP Scholarship Opportunities

ELL Training Project Scholarships

The purpose of the Tier 3 EL Training grant is to train and graduate 12 school psychologists and 12 dual credentialed (multiple subject and special education) teachers who are highly qualified to implement evidence-based, intensive Tier 3 academic assessment and instructional practices to improve outcomes of students with disabilities, culturally diverse students, and English learners. In addition to satisfying program-specific requirements (school psychology: Ed.S degree + PPS Credential; dual credential: MS Special Education + Education Specialist and Multiple Subject Credential), project participants will engage in interdisciplinary course- and fieldwork experiences, participate in monthly seminars and enhanced learning opportunities, and engage in peer and faculty mentoring. Project completers will be skilled in interdisciplinary collaboration, collecting instructionally relevant assessment data and engaging in databased decision-making, designing and delivering evidence-based intensive instruction, and facilitating systems change to implement and sustain Tier 3 intervention practices to improve student outcomes.

Who can apply?

Beginning in AY19/20 and each year thereafter for 3 years, four school psychology graduate students and four dual credential + MA special education teacher candidates will be selected to participate in the project for 3 years. Project participants will be selected by Dr. Hagans and Dr. Richards-Tutor to join the project based on their ability to successfully complete project and program-specific requirements, and commitment to serving students from diverse backgrounds with intensive academic needs.

How much is the training scholarship?

Scholars will receive $33,855 over 3 years to cover tuition, travel to professional conferences, and room and board.