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Applying to CSULB

Tips for Urban Dual Credential Candidates applying to the University

The Deadline to apply to CSULB for Fall 2022 is June 1, 2022
(International Applicant Deadline for Fall 2022 is April 1, 2022)

Remember! This CSULB application is separate from the Urban Dual Credential Program Application. The Urban Dual Credential Program only accepts applications for the Fall semester.  

To apply to the university, go to and select the term you wish to apply for and then click the red “Apply” button.


Step 1 : Create an Account and Profile

Select “Create Account” to begin your application.  Once you have created your account, you will need to “Complete Your Profile.” In the first section titled “Degree Goal” select “Teaching Credential Only (e.g. Single or Multiple Subject, PPS, Librarian, Admin, CalState TEACH).” The other questions should be self-explanatory. Click “Save Changes” once complete and then on the next page click “Start Your Application!”

Step 2: Select Your Program

On the first page of the application you will select the program to which you are applying. In the Campus dropdown box select, CSU Long Beach. A list of the open programs will appear. Click the “+” box next to the credential program you wish to apply for and then select “I am Done, Review My Selections” at the top of the page. Remember that you can only apply for one program per campus, per term. On the next page, select “Continue to My Application.”

Step 3: My Application

On the next page, you will see the four areas of the application: Personal Information, Academic History, Supporting Information and Program Materials. You will need to be sure to complete all of the required information in each of these areas before it will allow you to submit the application. The Program Materials section should already be completed and show as green since we do not require any additional program materials at this time.


Personal Information

This section should be pretty self-explanatory. In the Other Information section there is a question on “Teacher or Other Education Credential Information.” Be sure to select “Planning to apply to a credential program at a later time” if you will be taking the pre-requisites in your first semester and then apply to the program for your second semester or later  or select “Planning to apply to a credential program for this term” if you have either already been admitted to the credential program or if you have already taken the pre-requisites and will be submitting a program application for this term. It will then ask for your Credential Objective. Select “Education Specialist” in the drop-down box.


Academic History

You will need a copy of your transcripts to complete this section.

Colleges Attended – Enter information for each college and university you have ever attended in this section.  You will need to have official transcripts from each college and university you have attended sent to Enrollment Services. If you have previously attended CSULB you will just need to submit any transcripts for institutions you have attended since you last attended CSULB, if any.

Transcript Entry – You DO NOT need to enter any of your transcripts in this section. Select “I Am Not Adding Any College Transcripts.”

GPA Entries – Enter the total units and GPA for each of your degrees.

Standardized Tests – You DO NOT need to enter any test information. Select “I Am Not Adding Any Standardized Tests.”


Supporting Information

This section does NOT need to be completed.

Experiences – You DO NOT need to add any experiences. Select “I Am Not Adding Any Experiences.”

Program Materials

There is nothing required in this section since you will be submitting your complete program application to the Teacher Preparation Advising Center. Information on the program application can be found at

Step 4: Submit your Application & Pay the Fee

Once you have completed all 4 areas of the application, they will appear green when they are complete, you are ready to submit it. You will need to pay the $70 application fee before being allowed to submit the application.  Be sure to request official transcripts be sent to CSULB form all institutions you have ever attended (community colleges, universities, etc.) Your application will not be processed until they receive all of your transcripts.  Transcripts should be sent to:

California State University, Long Beach
ATTN: Graduate Admission
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90840

Remember that the University application is seperate from the program application. Click here for information on the program application