The Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP), Urban Dual Credential Emphasis combines the study of academic subjects aligned to Common Core State standards for the K-8 curriculum with professional preparation courses and clinical field experiences leading to both a Multiple Subject Credential and an Education Specialist Credential. Candidates with these dual credentials are authorized to teach all students in K-8 general and special education settings.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, a Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential, and a Preliminary Education Specialist Credential in Mild/Moderate Disabilities and/or Moderate/Severe Disabilities

Program Overview

  • 135 units total (87 units Liberal Studies Core, 36 units Core Credential Coursework, 12 units Student Teaching)
  • Starts in Fall Semester Only
  • Cohort Program (not self-paced)
  • UDCP courses offered at school site
  • Clinical Practice beginning in the fourth year
  • Student teaching in the 5th year; One semester in a general education setting and one semester in a special education setting.

In addition to taking a majority of the Liberal Studies Core Requirements courses, students pursuing the UDCP ITEP Pathway will complete the following UDCP credential coursework:

  • Group 1. Special Education Foundations: UDCP 400 (2) and UDCP 414 (1)
  • Group 2. Teaching and Learning Reading and Language Arts, K-8: UDCP 410 (4) and UDCP 411 (4)
  • Group 3. Teaching and Learning Mathematics, K-8: EDEL 462 (3) and UDCP 415 (2)
  • Group 4. Diversity and Equity: UDCP 402 (3) and EDSP 454 (3)* (EDSP 454 is required as part of the Core Requirements)
  • Group 5. Assessment of Students: EDSP 564 (3)
  • Group 6. Managing the Teaching and Learning Environment: UDCP 401(3)
  • Group 7. Teaching and Learning History-Social Science, K-8: EDEL 472 (3)
  • Group 8. Teaching and Learning Science, K-8: SCED 475 (3)
  • Group 9.  Teaching and Learning Art, Health, and Physical Education: UDCP 407 (2)
  • Group 10. Methods for Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities: EDSP 578 (3)
  • Group 11: Student Teaching in General Education and Special Education Settings: UDCP 420 (Multiple Subjects) (6) and UDCP 422 (Mild/Moderate) or UDCP 423 (Moderate/Severe) (6)

For an outline of the required coursework, refer to the ITEP UDCP Pathway Roadmap PDF icon (pdf). 

Candidates should apply to the program in the Spring semester of their third year as a Liberal Studies ITEP major, as they are completing a majority of their Core Requirements.  The UDCP Cohort begins in the Fall semester only, so students should plan accordingly. 

If there are questions or inquiries regarding the above information, it is recommended to contact a Liberal Studies Advisor in the Teacher Preparation Advising Center at 562-985-1105 or EED-67, or schedule an academic advising appointment online.