SERVE Frequently Asked Questions

General Information


TB test results need to be updated every 4 years from the date they were read and x-rays every 8 years.

Please visit the S4@ The Beach website to obtain necessary documents. 

You may contact the CSULB Student Health Center for information about TB testing. You can also go to your own medical clinic and/or personal physician.

  1. S4@ The Beach Registration
  2. A copy of a current TB test certificate (taken within the past 12 months)
  3. A Valid Certificate of Clearance issued by the CTC
  4. Additional fingerprinting if placement is in Long Beach USD

Students who meet the following are eligible to be in the SERVE Program:

  1. Enrolled in EDEL 200 or EDEL 300 at CSULB

  2. In good academic standing
  3. 2nd semester status and above

  4. Clear background check




Approximately one to two weeks after your fingerprints have been cleared. 

There is no maximum or minimum hours. Although, cooperating teachers are allowed to schedule you as needed. 

Lunch hour can be counted on cooperating teacher approval only. 

  1. Complete the End of Rotation form in S4@ The Beach.
  2. Your Cooperating Teacher will be emailed a link to your Final Evaluation.

Once you have been placed, information on your SERVE Site Coordinator will be in the placement email your receive from S4@ The Beach.  Emails should be sent using your CSULB email account.

Yes, you may submit a request to use your current work site for SERVE by obtaining a letter from your supervisor stating the details of your position and their support to use your position for SERVE fieldwork. Submit the Request through the SERVE Placement Request for and upload the letter. 

If you are approved, you will then enter your work site as your placement and log your hours on S4 @ The Beach. 

Unfortunately, because SERVE is a degree requirement and a credential requirement, it cannot be waived. All candidates must complete the required number of SERVE hours for their course to receive their degree and for their credential program.

Techinal Issue


Please contact the Teacher Preparation Advising Center at 562-985-1105 or


You will need to contact TPAC at or 562-985-1105 to ask that you placement be deleted so that you can re-enter it.

Contact TPAC at 562-985-1105 for assistance in correcting your hours.