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Student Teaching

Fall 2022 Student Teaching Applications are due by Tuesday March 15, 2022 at 5:00pm
Applications will not be accepted after the deadline

To apply for Fall 2022 Student Teaching, read all the information below carefully and completely before applying.



Student teaching is the culminating field experience in the Single Subject Credential Program.  It is completed during the final semester of the Single Subject Credential Program once all other coursework is completed.  During the student teaching semester candidates enroll in a total of 18 units.  EDSS 472A, EDSS 472B and EDSS 472C (5 units each) and the student teaching seminar course, EDSS 473.  Student Teachers must be matriculated CSULB students. Student teaching cannot be done through Open University.  Candidates that are not currently matriculated must apply to CSULB for Fall 2022 online at Cal State Apply by June 1, 2022 in addition to submitting the student teaching application below.  Candidates that are graduating Spring 2022 with a degree must also reapply to CSULB if they plan to enroll in courses and student teach in Fall 2022.

All student teaching candidates will be assigned a University Mentor.  The University Mentor visits student teachers approximately every other week during the semester, and conferences with the student teacher around teaching in general and specific strengths and weaknesses of the student teacher.  The mentor provides feedback, support, and assessment of the student teacher.  A preliminary evaluation is done near the mid-term by the cooperating teacher and the University Mentor.  A final evaluation is completed at the conclusion of the assignment. Evaluations are completed through S4 @ The Beach.  Student teachers are graded on a “Credit/No Credit” basis.  Both the mid-term and final evaluations must be submitted on S4 @ The Beach in order to be recommended for a credential.

Student teachers are expected to dress appropriately, be punctual, and conduct themselves professionally at all times.  Student teachers performing below standard may be withdrawn from the assignment on the recommendation of the cooperating teacher, site administrator or the University Mentor.  In such a case, candidates may petition for a second opportunity to student teach after successful completion of a professional improvement plan.  Student teaching may be repeated for a maximum of 10 units only.

All student teaching candidates are required to obtain the Student Teaching Handbook (PDF) and read it completely before beginning the student teaching placement.


Traditional student teaching placements are made by the subject area program coordinator with cooperating teachers in area schools with which CSULB has a current affiliation agreement.  Cooperating teachers are veteran teachers who are well skilled in pedagogy and content knowledge.  They serve to guide, support, and provide constructive feedback to the student teacher.  Student teachers are responsible for being at their school a minimum of five periods every day.  After a short orientation period, student teachers begin to assume responsibility for teaching three classes.  Two additional periods are for observation, preparation, and consultation with the school and university mentor.  Student teaching follows the school district calendar of approximately 20 weeks.  The required student teaching seminar (EDSS 473) is held during the student teaching term by each single subject program area.  Seminars meet regularly at CSULB.

Student teaching placements cannot be made in a district where you have a relative working and they cannot be made at the high school you graduated from if it has been less than 7 years since you graduated from there.

For questions regarding your student teaching placement please contact your subject area advisor.  Self-placements are not allowed. 

In special circumstances, candidates may be approved to use employment or placement at a private school to satisfy the clinical requirement.  Candidates must receive approval from the Subject Area Advisor, the Single Subject Director and the Single Subject Credential Program Petition Committee.  Please make an appointment to meet with your Subject Area Advisor for more information.

Students may also complete student teaching through an internship.  For information about internships, visit the SSCP Internship page.

Requirements to Advance to Student Teaching

Students must meet the following requirements to advance to student teaching:

  • Must be a matriculated student - If you are planning to student teach in Fall 2022 and are graduating with a degree during Spring 2022, make sure to reapply to the university online at Cal State Apply by June 1, 2022. Information on how to reapply can be found on our website under Applying to CSULB. Student Teaching CANNOT be done through Open University. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are eligible to enroll for Fall 2022 courses. If you have not enrolled in courses at CSULB for a semester or more without an Educational Leave, you must reapply to CSULB. All students should check their enrollment status to ensure they are eligible to enroll for Fall 2022. 
  • Complete the Basic Skills Requirement
  • Submit a valid Certificate of Clearance or 30 Day Sub Permit
  • Demonstrate Subject Matter Competence
  • Have a 2.67 overall GPA or a 2.75 in the last 60 semester or 90 quarter units.
  • Complete all credential coursework with at least a “B” average with no grade lower than a “C” (pre-requisites, co-requisites, core courses)
  • Complete all core courses (EDSE 435, EDSE 436, EDSE 457 and EDSS 450) with a 3.0 average with no grade lower than a "C".
  • Pass EDSS 450 with a minimum “B” grade
  • Submit a valid TB Test (skin tests are valid for 4 years, chest x-rays are valid for 8 years)
  • Submit a complete Student Teaching Application by the appropriate deadline. Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted.
  • Must be approved for student teaching by the Subject Area Advisor

Applications that do not include passing CBEST and CSET (if applicable) scores will not be accepted. Candidates that receive passing scores after the deadline may petition to submit their application after the deadline. Petitions must include passing scores and will be considered on a space available basis if placements are available. Do NOT submit a petition until you have official passing scores for all required exams.

Student Teaching Application Deadline

To Begin Student Teaching Apply Before Please Note

Fall Semester

March 15th 

Candidates must have official passing CSET & CBEST scores, if necessary, in hand by March 15.

Spring Semester

October 1st

Candidates must have official passing CSET & CBEST scores, if necessary, in hand by October 1.

Student Teaching Application Process

Candidates are required to carefully the three steps below by the deadline to apply for student teaching.  By submitting an application by the deadline, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand all of the information listed above on this website regarding student teaching.  

Follow the steps below to submit your Student Teaching Application online for Fall 2022 student teaching. Applications are due no later than 5pm on Tuesday March 15, 2022. 

Step 1: Gather the Following Documents:

You will be required to attach the following items to your DocuSign Student Teaching Application prior to submitting it:

  • MyCSULB unofficial transcript
  • $25 Credit Card receipt:, Take a screen shot of the receipt
  • Proof of Certificate of Clearance or 30 Day Sub Permit. Take a screen shot from the CTC website 
  • Proof of Basic Skills (CBEST scores, SAT scores, ACT scores, coursework verification, etc.)
  • Subject Matter Competency - Copy of official CSET scores or Official Verification of Subject Matter Competency if met at university other than CSULB. If you completed your subject matter competency requirement via coursework or a combination of coursework and CSET exam, upload copies of all your transcripts.
  • Valid TB Test 
  • Proof of Valid CPR – must provide a valid copy of infant, child and adult CPR Certification. Required program to recommendation of credential –(Applications will be accepted without CPR verification however, all candidates must submit proof of valid CPR verification prior to recommendation of their credential at the completion of student teaching.)
  • Completion of Acknowledgement of Risk Survey – View the CSULB Health and Safety Video. After viewing the CSULB Health and Safety Video, complete the short Acknowledgement of Risk (AoR) survey and take a screen shot of the final page of the survey to upload with your Student Teaching Application – Save your screen short as 9-Verification of AoR

Step 2: Complete the SSCP Student Teaching Application and Attach all documents listed above via DocuSign.


Applications must be submitted on DocuSign by 5pm on March 15th to be accepted. Applications submitted after 5pm will not be accepted. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 

Candidates that are using the CBEST to satisfy all or part of the Basic Skills Requirement and/or the CSET to satisfy all or part of the Subject Matter Competency Requirement MUST submit official passing scores with your student teaching application. Application submitted without official passing scores will be denied. 

Applications that do not include passing CBEST and CSET (if applicable) scores will not be accepted. Candidates that receive passing scores after the deadline may petition to submit their application after the deadline. Petitions must include passing scores and will be considered on a space available basis if placements are available. Do NOT submit a petition until you have official passing scores for all required exams.

If you have any questions, contact the Teacher Preparation Advising Center.