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Scholarship FAQs

Who can I contact regarding the scholarship application process?

The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office administers both College scholarships and General Campus Scholarships.

The College of Education Development Office oversees scholarship fundraising and donor-related activities. (If you are a donor, please contact: Hayley Miller,

What are the award amounts of each scholarship?

CED scholarships range from $500 to $8,000. Students may be awarded more than one scholarship.

Can a student receive multiple scholarship awards?

Yes, many of our highly qualified students receive more than one scholarship. A single application must be completed via the BeachScholarships system and the applicant will be considered for all awards for which they are eligible. In addition to CED scholarships, students may also receive General Campus Scholarships through the BeachScholarships application system.

Are there any GPA or enrollment requirements for applicants?

Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to be considered for CED scholarships. Please note that some scholarships have more competitive GPA requirements and have specific enrollment requirements (e.g., full-time status). 

Can a student’s scholarship be revoked?

Yes, a student’s scholarship award can be revoked for the following reasons:

  • Student fails to meet scholarship award criteria as detailed in the e-notification letter (i.e., maintain enrollment in the program indicated in the application, maintain enrollment in the required number of units, maintain required GPA, meet any specific criteria related to the scholarship awarded, e.g, be enrolled in student teaching in the semester of award, etc.)
  • Student does not deliver a donor a thank you letter to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office by the specified deadline.

Please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office at if you are unsure as to whether you continue to meet the scholarship requirements.


Can a student’s award payment be deferred under extreme circumstances?

The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office and College of Education will consider deferring a student’s scholarship payment within the same academic year in the case of a verified medical or family emergency. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office at to request an award deferral under such circumstances and to inform them once they re-enroll to claim the award. Scholarship awards will not be deferred automatically, and deferral requests may not be granted.

How can a student determine why he/she was not awarded a scholarship?

The College of Education scholarship process is very competitive and we receive many more applications from qualified applicants than the number of scholarships that we are able to award. In order to make the most informed award selections, review committees carefully evaluate the following in each application:

  • Academic achievement
  • Short essay responses
  • Financial need (for applicable scholarships)

Details regarding scholarships decisions are not provided to applicants. Students who do not receive a scholarship should not contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office to inquire about the reasons for not receiving a scholarship. We encourage students to apply again for a scholarship for the next award cycle.

When do students receive their scholarships and how are they dispersed to students?

Most scholarships are dispersed for both Fall and Spring semesters at the start of the semester. Certain scholarships are dispersed one semester only and others are contingent upon the student continuing to meet scholarship eligibility requirements such as enrollment in a specific number of units; these awards may be dispersed the 5th week of the semester.

All scholarships are disbursed via the Financial Aid Office directly through the student's account along with any other financial aid the student may be receiving. All scholarships are reported to the Financial Aid Office and will appear as part of a student's financial aid package. We highly encourage students to sign up for e-refund, which directly deposits the award into their personal bank account. Otherwise, the Student Account Services department will mail a check to students using the address on file with MyCSULB.

Can I apply for CED scholarships each year that I am in a program in the College?

Yes, the College runs a fresh scholarship cycle each academic year. Students who plan to maintain enrollment in a program in the College are encouraged to apply for a CED scholarship each year, regardless of whether or not they received a scholarship in the prior year. Note that students who are graduating during the current academic year cannot apply for scholarships, as the application cycle is for scholarships to be dispersed during the following academic year.