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Asian Bilingual Authorization Frequently Asked Questions


If I already have a credential, what do I need to do to obtain my Bilingual Authorization?

Fill out the Asian BILA Interest form on the website. You will need to take the CSET LOTE III and two classes. When the two courses are being offered you will be notified via email and give further information on how to enroll in the courses. Once you have completed the CSET LOTE III and have passed both the required courses, you will need to send in your transcripts, CSET test verification and credential information to CSULB’s Credential Center with a $25 application fee. The Credential Center will verify the requirements and recommend you for your Bilingual Authorization. Prior to eligibility for the Bilingual Authorization, educators must hold a valid Multiple, Single, or Education Specialist Credential (or the equivalent), and an English Learner Authorization (examples: 2042 authorization, a CLAD or equivalent English Learner Authorization) or be eligible for the English Learner Authorization at the time of recommendation for the Bilingual Authorization.

What if I am already in a credential program at another university that does not offer Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese Bilingual Authorization?

You will follow the steps for #1 and apply for the Bilingual Authorization AFTER you complete your teaching credential. However, you can take the CSET LOTE III and required classes any time (as soon as possible is recommended). Be sure to fill in your information on the Asian BILA Interest formon the website to be notified when the courses are being offered.

I am not currently in a credential program, what do I need to do?

Apply for the credential program first (please refer to the Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential Program website), and indicate in the application that you are interested in the Asian Bilingual Authorization Program. Be sure to fill out the Asian BILA Interest form on the website to be notified when the courses are being offered.

When are the classes offered and are they on campus?

All of the required classes are online so no travel is necessary. Check the website to see when the classes are offered. We offer the classes when there is a demand, and the schedule is updated each semester. You can also add your information to the Asian BILA Interst form to be notified via email when the courses are being offered.

How do I register for the class if it is not offered through my campus?

You will register through either Concurrent Enrollment or through Extended Education/Continuing Ed. Please check the campus website for the registration process.