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Costa Rica Study Abroad

Summer 2019

ETEC 525 Digital Culture and Society (3 units)

Overview:  The course begins at CSU Long Beach, with students learning about social implications of information technologies and preparing presentations. The class then flies to San Jose, Costa Rica, staying at the nearby city of Heredia. The class meets with students at a Costa Rican university, giving their presentations in English and, in small groups, discussing perspectives about the issues raised. The trip is typically timed to coincide with an educational conference held at the collaborating university. The class also visits K-12 schools in Costa Rica to learn about their educational practices and uses of technology. The study abroad experience also includes an excursion to surrounding areas.

The course is open to graduate students and educators seeking this type of study abroad experience.   It has been taken by students in a variety of master’s programs as well as by students in the Ed.D. in educational leadership.  The course is offered via CSULB’s College of Continuing and Professional Education and can be taken by students who are not in a CSULB educational program.

Course Description:  Critical examination of social and cultural implications of information technologies and media. Issues of cultural bias, equity, and questions of who benefits from particular technologies. International applications and implications of information technologies.

Tentative Schedule for 2019

Pre-Departure Class Sessions:

Date   Time
6/5/19 Face-to-face 5:00-7:45 pm
6/12/19 Face-to-face 5:00-7:45 pm
6/19/19 *  
6/26/19 Online 5:00-6:20 pm
7/3/19 *  
7/10/19 Face-to-face 5:00-7:45 pm
7/17/19 Face-to-face 5:00-7:45 pm
7/24/19 *  
7/31/19 Online 5:00-6:20 pm



Date Schedule
8/4/19 Fly to San Jose, Costa Rica.
8/5/19 Visits to K-12 schools / Universidad Nacional
8/6/19 Visits to K-12 schools / Universidad Nacional
8/7/19 Visits to K-12 schools / Universidad Nacional
8/8/19 Visits to K-12 schools / Universidad Nacional
8/9/19 Visits to classes at Universidad Nacional; Symposium at Universidad Nacional
8/10/19 Symposium at Universidad Nacional
8/10/19-8/15/19 Excursion to Monteverde and Arenal
8/16/19 Return


Estimated Budget

Item Amount
Tuition – 3 units $945
Study abroad activities in Heredia and San Jose, Costa Rica. Includes airfare, double-occupancy lodgings with breakfast and transportation, transfers, excursion to Monteverde Cloud Forest and Lake Arenal. Includes double occupancy lodging, two rainforest tours, and accident insurance ($85). $1,500
Suggested allowance for meals $500



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For more information, contact Dr. Stephen Adams ( Information is subject to change. Space is limited.