Alumni Spotlight

The College of Education wishes to congratulate Pedro on receiving the CSULB 2020 Outstanding Staff Member Award.  See Staff member Pedro Castro "embodies the OneBeach spirit".

Pedro C., Class of 2016

Picture of Alumni Pedro Castro

How has obtaining this degree and/or credential positively affected your employment experiences and life overall?

It helped me have a more clear picture of technology being used for education. It has helped me be more creative with technology and the learning environment personally and professionally. With the COVID-19 constant changes in education, the skills learned in the Ed Tech program have been incredibly useful. I am still using all the resources and knowledge learned in the program in the virtual learning environment at school, at work and with my family.

Where are you currently working and what is your title/position?

I work for the College of the Arts here at CSULB. I am the Dean’s Office coordinator. The main duties in my current position is to be the scholarships coordinator and curriculum/catalog coordinator for the College of the Arts. I supervise all college departments with any scholarships, academic advocacy, students and lecture evaluations and curriculum processes.

I am currently part of the Graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages here at CSULB. This Fall 2020 will be my second semester. I will earn the graduate certificate by the end of the Fall 2021 semester.

What advice do you have for a prospective student to your program?

Do not give up. Take things one step at a time. Use all the resources available. Take advantage of the knowledgeable faculty and other classmates. Build a community because your faculty or classmates might be your colleagues in the future. Learn to manage your personal, professional and educational time. Make sure to create a good balance between work, school and your health. It is important to exercise or do have a physical activity routine even when you think you don’t have time.

What was your favorite/most memorable part of being a graduate student at CSULB?

The study abroad summer semester in Costa Rica with my Ed Tech cohort. Also, the group projects of each class. It was great to work with a group of professionals in the field where you end up learning from each other while working on a group project.