Program Description

All graduate courses required for the MS in Educational Technology & Media Leadership are offered fully online. The synchronous meetings of ETEC 510, 523, 525, 530, 551, and 570 currently alternate between being offered on a weekday evening one year and on Saturdays the next year. Some research methods courses, such as EDP 400, have options for both face-to-face format and online format. Students may take the MS in Educational Technology & Media Leadership by itself, or they may pursue this degree concurrently with the Teacher Librarian Services Credential. 


Students are expected to have a working knowledge of word processing, databases, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, presentation software, Internet searching, and email.

The MS in Educational Technology & Media Leadership requires 30 units minimum, with at least 21 units in the 500/600 level series taken at California State University, Long Beach. With consent of the faculty committee, students may count up to 6 units of previously taken graduate courses toward the degree.  In consultation with the advisor, a comprehensive examination, or project, or thesis is selected.

1. Program core courses (18 units):

Take all of the following:

  • ETEC 510 Foundations of Educational Technology (3)
  • ETEC 523 Information and Digital Literacies (3)
  • ETEC 525 Digital Culture and Society (3)
  • ETEC 530 Leadership in Technology and Media (3)
  • ETEC 551 Education and the Internet (3)
  • ETEC 570 E-Learning Design and Development (3)

2. Research methods (3 units):

  • ED P 400 Introduction to Educational Research (3) 

3. Electives (3-6 units): In consultation with program advisor, students will select 3-6 additional units. Options include, but are not limited to, the following:

A. Advanced Technology: ETEC 410, 529, 535, 580;

B. Library and Information Science: ETEC 540, 545;

C. Research Methods: ED P 520, ED P 595;

D. Other courses, including those outside the College of Education (e.g., Business, Communications Studies), chosen in consultation with program advisor.

4. Exit requirement (3-6 units): Electronic portfolio with interview, and one of the following chosen in consultation with the program advisor:

A. ETEC 695 (3 units) plus pass a comprehensive examination

B. ED P 699 Project (6 units) with written Project Report

C. ED P 698 Thesis (6 units)

Please visit the University Catalog for course descriptions.

Many of our students take two courses per semester. It is recommended students working full-time take two or less courses per semester. Students should consult their faculty advisors for advice on specific situations and suitable electives.

Sample Program (for students taking Comprehensive Exam as culminating experience)


    • ED P 400
  • FALL
    • ETEC 510
    • ETEC 523
    • ETEC 530
    • ETEC 551


    • Elective
  • FALL
    • ETEC 525
    • ETEC 570
    • ETEC 695
    • Elective

If you are also pursuing the Teacher Librarian Services Credential, please see the Teacher Librarian Services Credential program website for further information about librarianship courses and their scheduling.