Frequently Asked Questions

The Early Childhood Education program is a 2-year, 33-unit program.  The program is offered in a cohort model, so everyone takes the same classes at the same time.  It is not possible to complete the program in less than 2 years.  Please see the program description web page for more information.

Our classes are typically offered on weekday evenings and Saturdays.  We do offer some hybrid courses to strategically reduce seat time.  

Graduate school fees are set by the CSU Board of Trustees each academic year. The current fee structure may be found on the Enrollment Services web site. The approximate cost as of Fall 2022 ranges from $13,632 to $15,138 for the entire ECE program for California residents (fees range based on number of pre-requisites needed and summer enrollment).  Please note that there are additional fees associates with the program, including but not limited to parking and textbooks.

This program does not lead to earning a teaching credential. If you are interested in earning a teaching credential, please contact the CSULB Teacher Preparation Advising Center (TPAC). CSULB does not offer any programs that combine a teaching credential and master's degree. 

The application deadline is also the deadline for the letters of recommendation. Please make sure your recommender submits the recommendation as close to the deadline as possible for full consideration. For additional information on recommendations, please visit the Online Application Submission website.

Please visit the Application Process page. Please note that the application will be done completely online.

The GPA requirement is a minimum 2.85 overall grade point average in last degree (not credential or certificate) earned from an accredited institution of higher education. For more information please see the Eligiblity page.