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Undergraduate Program

The Department of Speech-Language Pathology provides undergraduate coursework for students planning careers in speech‑language pathology or audiology. Departmental majors complete work leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Students pursuing the B.A. degree may qualify for State of California Licensure as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA).

The primary goal of the undergraduate program is to provide our students with a broad education in normal and disordered processes of speech, language, hearing and swallowing. This goal has the following objectives:

  • Provide our students with an understanding of normal development in speech, hearing, language, swallowing and communication
  • Provide our students with an understanding of the genetic, cultural, neurological, physiological, psychological, and socioeconomic factors which can disrupt normal development in speech, hearing, language, swallowing, and communication
  • Prepare students for professional graduate training as speech-language pathologists.

The sequence of undergraduate courses (57-58 units) is from normal processes to disordered processes, and finally, to assessment/management of children, adolescents, and adults with speech, language and/or swallowing disorders.

How to Become an SLP Major

Prospective Students

Transfer Students

  • If you want to major in SLP, you must meet Major Specific Requirements for Transfers.
  • There are no equivalencies to SLP 261 (Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech & Hearing Mechanism) and SLP 271 (Phonetics). You will take both courses your first semester at CSULB.

Current CSULB Students

Course Requirements for Undergraduate SLP Major

Lower Division Coursework

Take all the following courses: (“C” or better required)

SLP 261 - Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism (3 units)

SLP 271 - Phonetics (3 units)

Take one of the following courses: (“C” or better required)

STAT 108 - Statistics for Everyday Life (3 units)

STAT 118 - Introductory Business Statistics (3 units)

PSY 110 - Introductory Statistics (4 units)

HDEV 190 - Elementary Statistics in Social and Behavioral Sciences (4 units)

SOC 170 - Elementary Statistics (4 units)

Upper Division Coursework

Take all the following courses: (“C” or better required)

SLP 329 - Language Acquisition: From Birth Through Adolescence (3 units)

SLP 330 - Speech and Hearing Science (3 units)

SLP 373 - Audiology I (3 units)

SLP 440 - Aural Rehabilitation for the Hearing Impaired (3 units)

SLP 456 - Introduction to Speech Sound Disorders (3 units)

SLP 460 - Multicultural and Multilingual Issues in Speech- Language Pathology (3 units)

SLP 464 - Cultural Competence in Behavior Management and Counseling in Speech-Language Pathology (3 units)

SLP 466 - Motor Speech Disorders and Fluency Disorders (3 units)

SLP 472 - Augmentative and Alternative Communication (3 units)

SLP 476 - Speech Pathology III: Disorders of Voice/Oro‑facial Mechanism (3 units)

SLP 477 - Disorders of Swallowing (3 units)

SLP 481A - Introduction to Language Disorders in Children (3 units)

SLP 481B - Introduction to Acquired Neurogenic Communication Disorders in Adults (3 units)

SLP 483 - Introduction to Clinical Management (3 units)

SLP 485 - Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders for Speech-Language Pathologists(3 units)

SLP 489 - Clinical Observations and Professional Writing for Prospective Speech-Language Pathologists (3 units)

Please see additional information in the University Catalog.

SLP undergraduate course sequence and prerequisites