All our undergraduate major courses are in person.

Please find more information and instructions HERE.

Please contact our undergraduate advisor Dr. Belinda Daughrity

  • You are encouraged to complete all four ASHA basic science courses prior to applying. However, as long as you are able to complete ALL four ASHA basic science courses before the first semester of grad school starts, you are eligible to apply.
    • All basic science courses must be completed at an accredited university or community college.
    • A grade of C or better is required for all four ASHA basic science courses to be accepted by the CSULB SLP MA program. The courses can be taken credit/no credit. The lecture-only courses are acceptable. 
    • Please visit Prerequisite Course Content Areas Related to SLP Certification Standards for detailed descriptions of the prerequisite courses. 
    • The biology course must be offered by the Biology Department (e.g., courses in General Biology, Human Biology, Neurobiology, Microbiology). The Chemistry or Physics course must be offered by the Chemistry or Physics Department (a General Physics/Chemistry course would satisfy the requirement). The Statistics course must be offered by the Math or Psychology Department.
    • Please keep all your course syllabi for application purposes. The department will request a copy of your course syllabi for the ASHA basic science courses you completed after you are admitted to the program.
  • You are also encouraged to take EDSP 350 (or EDSP 355A or EDSP 355B) at CSULB during your undergraduate studies. The completion of EDSP is required by the CSULB SLP MA program. Newly admitted graduate students will be required to complete this course or an equivalent course by the end of the first semester of the graduate program.

No. All our major courses are open only to CSULB SLP major students.

  • In partnership with the College of Liberal Arts at CSULB, the program is pleased to offer a new path for undergraduate students to complete specialized training and a Translational Studies Minor concurrent with their studies in the discipline of speech-language pathology.  This new minor will provide speech-language pathology students with critical details needed in the topic of translation across a variety of languages. 
  • Admission Requirements
    • Intermediate proficiency in the language of translation specialization. May be fulfilled by taking a language proficiency exam through the Donato Center.
    • If you are interested in learning more about the minor, please contact the Translation Studies advisor Dr. Clorinda Donato at