Change of Major (Undergraduates)

At the time of admission to the university, each undergraduate student is assigned to a pre-major or major or is designated as an undeclared major. Undergraduate students who are considering a change of major must meet precise major-specific criteria in order to change, which include:

  • Meeting all major-specific degree requirements in the new major
  • Demonstrating a progressively successful academic history that reflects potential success in the new major
  • Availability of seats in the intended major to accommodate additional students

All requests to change majors are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please note that changes to academic objectives (for example, changing major, adding a second major, or declaring a minor) may not be allowed for a student who has earned 90 or more Timely Graduation Units. Students are strongly encouraged to complete changes to degree objectives before reaching senior status (90 units).​

Upon change or declaration of major, students must adopt the requirements of the major and any minors in effect at that time in the CSULB Catalog.

Students who are pre-major or undeclared should see Declare a Major (Pre-Major).


There are limitations on the ability to add a second major or to add/change degree objectives: