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Forms and Documents

The Department of Liberal Studies team is aware of the wide array and assortment of university-related documents and information current and prospective students have to navigate through. This page serves as a helpful guide for navigating popular forms and documents commonly used by students in the Liberal Studies program. We highly encourage students to bookmark pages as needed, for future academic planning and success!

Academic Planning Forms & Documents

These documents are commonly used in advising sessions with students and are typically used for academic planning and guidance.

Liberal Studies Core Requirements

The PDF iconlstcoresheet_studentcopysp18.pdf (PDF) is a full list of all required courses for the Liberal Studies Program - both ITEP and BA options listed. The Core Requirements consist of 101 units, then breaks into multiple pathways for graduation completion (ITEP MSCP, ITEP UDCP, and the BA) with all required courses listed in a checklist format. This sheet is used frequently in advising appointments, and is reflective of a student's Academic Requirements Report (on MyCSULB).

Community College Transfer Credit Guide

The Transfer Credit Guide (Adding Updates - Check Back Soon!) is a useful listing of all accepted equivalencies from nearby Community Colleges. CSULB has pre-arranged agreements for equivalencies and approved substitutions with local Community Colleges, and this document serves as a helpful guide when understanding how coursework will transfer over. If you attend(ed) a Community College not listed on this document, it is recommended to follow to find appropriately equivalent coursework. 

BA/ITEP Program Pathways: A Comparison

The BA & ITEP Pathways Comparison Guide (PDF) is a basic outline of differences and similarities between the two primary pathway options for the Liberal Studies program. Ultimately coursework generally remains the same throughout the BA Core Requirements, but by Senior Year students should determine their pathway to graduation and these requirements will differ depending on end goals. 

Graduation Roadmaps 

The MSCP ITEP & BA Pathway Roadmap (PDF) illustrates a four-year plan comparison for students pursuing either the BA in Liberal Studies, or the ITEP pathway including the Multiple Subject Credential Program. This is an example outline and should be noted that Summer/Winter is not included as options (which would lessen unit totals in Fall/Spring terms). Students should refer to this for guidance and meet with an Academic Advisor simultaneously to plan accordingly.

The PDF iconudcp_5year_graduation_grid.pdf (PDF) illustrates a five-year plan for the ITEP Urban Dual Credential Program Pathway, which includes the BA, Multiple Subject Credential, & Special Education Credential simultaneously. This is an example outline and should be noted that Summer/Winter is not included as options; students can adjust time frame of plan, depending on units completed each term and Summer/Winter options. Students should refer to this for guidance and meet with an Academic Advisor simultaneously to plan accordingly.

Resources & References Guide for Liberal Studies

The Resources & References Guide (PDF) is an organizational document which outlines a variety of requirements and deadlines that are embedded throughout the Liberal Studies Program. A table of information regarding credential applications and admissions, program pathways and options, as well as fees and exams to be aware of are outlined for easy use and reference. 

Department Forms & Documents

These documents are typically utilized by students to petition or appeal for a circumstance not traditionally offered/approved within the Department of Liberal Studies (examples including requesting enrollment in capstones without completion of pre-requisites, and/or requesting a switch in program option after senior year, etc.).

Capstone Enrollment Petition

The Capstone Enrollment Petition (PDF) is a form for students to utilize if they plan to enroll into an L/ST Capstone (400, 404, or 471) concurrently with a pre-requisite course from the same Area, or out of order prior to completion of pre-requisite courses. 

If a student has questions/concerns about the SCED 401 Capstone or Science courses, they need to refer to the Science Education Department at (562) 985-4801 or HSCI-205.

If a student has questions/concerns about the MTED 402 Capstone or Mathematics courses, they need to refer to the Mathematics Department at (562) 985-4721 or FO3-120.

Request for Special Consideration Appeal

The Request for Special Consideration Appeal (coming soon) is for Liberal Studies students who face extenuating circumstances and are facing an academic issue. This document is to be used internally within the Department of Liberal Studies for students who have extenuating circumstances that interfere with graduation from the program and would like to inquire about alternative options with the Department Chair. 

Appropriate reasons for this appeal to be submitted include: a final course not being offered or being offered concurrently at same day/time as other required courses, earning a "D" in a required course during a final semester, or wanting to switch program pathways after Senior Year, etc.. 

Common University Forms & Documents

These documents are commonly used by students for general university-wide reasons having to do with registration and enrollment, and/or financial aid. These forms are processed for final confirmation through Enrollment Services and/or other University Offices (not the College of Education). 

Educational Leave Form

The Educational Leave (PDF) is a form utilized by students who wish to take a semester leave from the university without losing their admitted status to CSULB.

Matriculated undergraduates in good standing may take up to 1-4 semesters leave from the university without enrolling into courses on an educational leave without losing their status at the University. Must be submitted by University Deadline(s) to Enrollment Services, BH-101. Approved signature must be obtained by Department Chair in EED-9 or by a Liberal Studies Academic Advisor in EED-67 (or by appointment). 

Financial Aid Forms

An assortment of Financial Aid Forms (link) can be found to assist students with academic fianances and access to financial assistance.

If students have questions or inquiries regarding Financial Aid, they are recommended to visit the Financial Aid page and/or contact the Financial Aid Office(s).

Petition: Repeating a Course More Than Once

The Exception to Academic Policy for Undergraduate Limit (PDF) is used by students who have repeatedly not passed a required course with a "C" or better, and would like to request a third attempt.

An undergraduate student with extenuating circumstances may request to repeat a course more than once if the student fails to achieve an A, B, C, or CR in the second attempt. In such cases, the additional repeat will not result in the forgiveness of a prior grade. All attempts will be used in GPA calculation. An exception to Academic Policy on Undergraduate Limits will be considered only in cases of demonstrated need (usually to avoid undue delay in graduation) and documented circumstances which support the potential for the student’s future academic success. 

Petition: Requesting to Exceed Unit Load of 18 Units

The Petition for Exception to Maximum Unit Load (Fall/Spring) (PDF) is used by students who want to enroll in more than the unit limit, 18 units, in the Fall or Spring semester.

Use this form to petition to exceed the maximum unit load of 18 units for the Fall/Spring terms.   An exception to the unit limit will be granted only if there is both demonstrated need for the overload (usually to avoid undue delay in graduation or required by major department) and demonstrated ability to succeed in a heavy load. A minimum 3.0 GPA is usually required. For Summer and Winter petitions and details, refer to the Enrollment Services Forms (link) website.

Request for Evaluation of Coursework from Another Institution

The Request for Evaluation of Coursework from Another Institution Form (PDF) is used by students who plan to enroll into course(s) at another college or university, and want an evaluation for equivalency to be completed by Enrollment Services prior to completion of the course.  CSULB students who wish to attend another school to earn credit while currently enrolled at CSULB should use this form prior to enrolling elsewhere. This will also allow a matriculated CSULB's students Academic Requirements Report to be updated beforehand with 'in progress' credit for the requirement being met by the course. While this form or process is not required to transfer coursework from another institution, it is highly recommended.  

Other Enrollment Services Forms

For a full listing of forms related to Admissions, Financial Aid, Registration, Records, and Progress Toward Degree and Graduation, please visit the Enrollment Services Forms (link) website.