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banafsheh behzad
Are Pfizer and Moderna selling their Covid-19 vaccines at a fair price? Can the government negotiate the prices of these vaccines with the manufacturers, despite the very high production and distribution costs? Pricing the COVID-19 Vaccine: A Mathematical Approach  Susan Martonosi, Banafsheh Behzad, Kayla Cummings March 2021
Niklas Augustin
COB Finance Student Shares  Experience and Accomplishments
Sam Min Marketing Faculty CSULB COB
There are myriad factors that drive firms to increase corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. For instance, some firms implement CSR as an instrument to seek eventual financial benefits, but others engage in CSR activities by the altruistic motivation to fulfill their social responsibilities.  Organizational resources also influence firms to commit to CSR efforts.
A is an A Academic Research Grading
In sports, the phrase “a win is a win” refers to the bottom line in those competitions: winning a game. How the game was won is not as important as the fact that it was won. In many ways, we have reached a similar point in the management field. The increased pressure to publish in “A” journals means the new bottom line for valuing academic research is “an A is an A.” This publication ethos has gradually become embedded in universities’ growing managerialism and economic rationality, or what...
ingrid martin
Essentially, how can having fun playing our favorite online game or staying connected with our friends on TikTok, ever be considered harmful? Most people don’t think about how often or how much they use a product or service. Many of our actions over time become routinized and consumption levels tend to gradually increase.
banafsheh behzad
An Active Learning-based Educational Program for Hispanic STEM Students through Industry-University Partnership (LEAP) With a $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation, California State University Long Beach is launching a new research program to train a new generation of highly skilled Hispanic scientists and engineers.