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Instructional Technology

The mission of College of Business Instructional Technology is to provide students, faculty, and staff with up-to-date practical business and office software and computer hardware combined with easy yet secure internet and network access with user-friendly support.

CBA Open Access Lab

Instructional Technology, located on the second floor of the College of Business, in room COB 243. Open Access Lab (OAL) and four computer classrooms which are available to faculty, staff and students of the College of Business . All of our computers have the latest versions of course related business software available for student use.  We also support the Class room equipment for the College faculty and students.  Our Department also supports other College Departments and the Main College of Business Website and Database systems.

Bloomburg Stations
  • COB Open Access Lab, located in COB 243, is open to all CSULB students.
  • The COB Open Access Lab went under a major renovation over the summer of 2018. The funding was made possible with the Student Excellence Fee (SEF) .


  • BLOOMBERG TERMINALS: COB was able to fund a total of 12 Bloomberg Terminals used for financial research, 10 of the terminals will be available to all students in the Open Access Computer Lab, and two terminals will be available for COB faculty to enhance the Bloomberg learning experience in classrooms.
  • COLLABORATIVE GROUP STATIONS: The number of group station cubicles will increase from five to 15 to accommodate higher demands of collaborative projects.
  • LIVE NEWS: The lab features three large TVs that display current events, and financial news that help students be more informed and stay up to date on variety of topics.

College of Business computer classrooms are only made available for College of Business courses.

  • For semester long College of Business  courses, please ask your department ASC to request a computer classroom.
  • For single day or multiday events, please fill out the classroom reservation request form.

Computer Classroom Reservation Form