Lindsay Sterk Trivia

Published August 4, 2022

CSULB Graduate Programs Trivia!

                Some of you may know I recently completed the Educational Leadership program and successfully defended my dissertation topic “The Socialization Experiences of First-Generation Master’s-Level Graduate Students: Navigating the Hidden Curriculum, Upward Mobility, and Pride and Guilt.” Going to graduate school while working full-time and balancing other personal life factors (in the middle of a pandemic no less!) was no easy feat and I do not intend to sugarcoat the experience. I am very passionate about advanced education and glad to speak more about my experiences in graduate school and my research topic, but I thought I would make this write-up a more fun/interactive trivia game! The trivia questions are all specific to graduate education at CSULB.

  1. How many graduate-level programs are offered at CSULB?
  2. How many of those CSULB graduate programs are housed in COB?
  3. Name 2 staff members currently enrolled in a COB master’s program.
  4. True/False- Most staff unions offer a tuition/fee waiver that covers part-time enrollment.
  5. Name 2 staff members who graduated from a master’s program at CSULB, but outside of COB.
  6. Which CSULB college offers the most master’s programs?
  7. How many graduate students are enrolled at CSULB?
  8. True/False- Financial Aid is only available for undergraduate-level students.
  9. What is the master’s program with the highest number of units?
  10. True/False- More than 50% of CSULB graduate-level students are first-generation students.

If anyone is interested in pursuing advanced education (whether at CSULB or elsewhere) and desires to chat, or if interested in the answers- just email me or stop by the office :)