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At CSULB College of Business COB these are the current openings we try and keep in coordination and up-to-date.  If you see an error or need a change on this page, please contact

ALL OPEN Tenure-track positions within the College of Business are listed on Faculty Affairs Employment Opportunities.

FOR OPEN POSITIONS:  Read the complete directions at the link and use those instructions and deliverables to apply.

Do not collect emails and spam our college department list and professors, please avoid this behavior it will not be rewarded it enforces unethical email usage.   College of Business considers spam requests as unprofessional email activities.  

The listing of jobs open at CSULB can be found here:  Jobs @ the Beach 

Try Jobs at the Beach Filtered on COB 

Attention Students and Graduate Students: please do not send your resume to all of the staff or faculty at COB. This is not a modern job search approach and your search may be not successful or kind.  Please embrace this professional lesson it is no longer acceptable as a considerate job-hunting tactic.  Mass job mailings are not welcomed kindly at the College of Business CSULB.