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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities 

At CSULB College of Business COB these are the current openings we try and keep them in coordination and up-to-date.  If you see an error or need a change on this page, please contact


Tenure-Track Faculty

ALL OPEN Tenure-track positions within the College of Business Administration are listed on Faculty Affairs Employment Opportunities.

FOR OPEN POSITIONS:  Read the complete directions at the link and use those instructions and deliverables to apply.  On that position, page will be a contact for further assistance in applying and forms, so questions should be directed to the contact listed.  Note: There may not be an "Application Form" but a "Letter of Application".  This was the SC-1 Form (PDF)  as of June 2020. 

Part-Time Undergraduate Lecturer

Student Positions & Internships

Do not collect emails and spam our college department list and professors, please avoid this behavior.  NOTICE COB will record these unprofessional email activities.

Graduate Programs Part-Time Lecturer

Students: please do not send your resume to all of the staff or faculty at COB. This is not successful and not a considerate job hunting tactic at the College of Business CSULB.