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Smart Phone
Essentially, how can having fun playing our favorite online game or staying connected with our friends on TikTok, ever be considered harmful? Most people don’t think about how often or how much they use a product or service. Many of our actions over time become routinized and consumption levels tend to gradually increase.
banafsheh behzad
An Active Learning-based Educational Program for Hispanic STEM Students through Industry-University Partnership (LEAP) With a $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation, California State University Long Beach is launching a new research program to train a new generation of highly skilled Hispanic scientists and engineers.
A check says salary
Extant literature has examined the relationship between seniority (or rank) and pay in tenure-granting academic institutions along with proposed remedies. This article examines faculty salary compression, inversion, and market salary gap in business schools in the California State University system.
CINDY CHEN Professor, Finance CSULB
Since the introduction of VIX to measure the spot volatility in the stock market, VIX and its futures have been widely considered to be the standard of underlying investor sentiment. We introduce the term structure of VIX to Fama-French’s Asset Pricing Model. The magnitude of contango or backwardation (MCB volatility risk factor) derived from VIX and VIX3M identifies underlying configurations of investor sentiment. The sensitivities to this timing indicator will significantly relate to returns...
Dr. Hojong Shin
We examine how the strategic scheduling of AGMs to evade shareholders is related to the likelihood of committing corporate fraud. “Do Korean Companies Conspire to Avoid Their Shareholders?” - WSJ, March 13, 2014
What does “CEO of the Year” awards mean to the rest of top managers working with the award-winning CEOs? Studies have shown that CEO awards bestowed by recognized media serve as a strong competitive advantage to award-winning CEOs and their firms, but also dramatically increase CEO compensation. This study examines how CEO awards influence economic and psychological mechanisms in the top managers’ decision to exit their firms.