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Financial Literacy in for-profit vs. pro-social peer to per lending

This study examines 1,347 lending decisions by finance students on a mock P2P site. Testimonials were used to randomly condition the financially literate lenders towards for-profit or pro-social decision-making.

Doing well while doing good? Gender effects in pro-social peer-to-peer lending

This is the first study to examine the role of gender, financial literacy, identification with borrowers, and collateral perception in pro-social P2P lending.

Consumption behaviors in an emerging economy

An empirical investigation of regional differences in consumption behaviors in an emerging economy We draw on the literature in sociology, geography, history and predict that significant regional differences exist in consumption behaviors between North and South Vietnam, bearing important implications for international marketers.

COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from working mothers

The entrenchment of the ideal worker norm during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from working mothers in the United States. Shifts in the ideal worker culture as experienced by working mothers in the U.S. during COVID-19 are examined.

What Do Interest Inventories Measure?

The study investigates the construct validity of four major interest inventories yielding highly correlated RIASEC scores but different high-point codes.

Terminating Franchisees: Does it Improve Franchisor Performance?

This study examines the influence of three conditions on the benefits or costs of terminating franchisees.

Inclusive Marketing Initiative 2023

Students in MKTG-437 get real-world experience and make an impact on a real community organization The College of Business at California State University Long Beach is working to elevate minority-owned businesses within the greater Long Beach community by offering free digital marketing services.

2022 Next-Gen Scholars

Student in COB’s IB program is selected as a 2022 Next-Gen Scholar for the US Chamber of Commerce. 2022 Next Gen Scholars Spotlight | U.S. Chamber of Commerce (uschamber.com)

Stretching the success in reward-based crowdfunding

Closing the knowledge gap of crowdfunding by examining the success factors of campaigns at Kickstarter. Published November 2022  Journal of Business Research Author List: Aslihan Salih, Burze Yasar, Isil S.

Hotel: Holistic and Proactive Thinking and Decision Making

Holistic Thinking and Proactive Decision-Making with Goal Commitment of Hotel Employees Published July 26, 2022 Author: Dr. Hyungmin Michael Chung, Information Systems Vol. 22 No. G1 (2022): GJMBR-G Interdisciplinary: Volume 22 Issue G1

COB Faculty recipients of the 22/23 Faculty Research Awards (FRA-EDI)

Congratulations to our COB Faculty recipients of the 2022/23 Faculty Research Awards to promote Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Faculty Members:  Ming Chen, Professor, Management; Jasmine Yur-Austin, Professor, Finance

Electronic sharing healthcare data key to efficiency and quality

Electronic sharing of health information is a key to healthcare efficiency and quality Shortened hospital stays, reduced readmission rates, and cost savings are all benefits of the use of health information exchanges in emergency departments, according to a new study.