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2019 SCPD Retreat
SCPD takes a record 130 senior students on its 2019 Corporate Mentoring Program Leadership Retreat   Over the September 13 - 15 weekend the Student Center for Professional Development (SCPD) took 130 senior students and 25 facilitators on its annual Corporate Mentoring Program retreat to a camp near Big Bear.
2019 COB EII ideation
Using both a theoretical model and an empirical analysis of field data, the research uncovers the important implications of feedback provision in ideation contests. The dataset includes 9,771 logo design contests in which 415,779 solvers submitted a total of 572,046 logo designs and won nearly 3.4 million CNY in rewards.
COB Academy of Management Perspectives
A design-thinking perspective that focuses not only on what is but on what can be for management field. “An A is an A:” Design thinking and our desired future.  Academy of Management Perspectives 22 May 2019, Herman Aguinis, Chailin Cummings, Ravi S. Ramani and Tom Cummings
COB Fulbright Scholarship 2019
"Allison E. Butler, J.D., a full-time lecturer at the COB Legal Studies in Business Program and advisor to the Legal Information Clinic has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar Award".
COB Journal of Consumer Behavior 2019 Lay Theories and Consumer perceptions of dietary supplements
Consumers lack awareness and concern of potential adverse reactions, interactions, and inappropriate usage associated with dietary supplements. Lay Theories and Consumer Perceptions of Dietary Supplements  Published in the  Journal of Consumer Behaviour (July 26, 2019) 
COB Dr. Witkowski won the Conference Best Paper Award
Marketing Professor Witkowski won the Conference Best Paper Award for “Prohibitions, Boycotts, and Resisting the Green Dragon:  Right-Wing Anti-Consumption in America” in the 2019 annual Macromarketing Conference. The George Fisk Award for the best conference paper. Witkowski, Terrence H., “Prohibitions, Boycotts, and Resisting the Green Dragon: Right-wing Anticonsumption in America.” Accepted for presentation at the 2019 Macromarketing Conference, Cleveland, Ohio, June 26-29