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African Journal of Economic and Management Studies
Market growth strategies of African early-stage entrepreneurs African Journal of Economic and Management Studies  ISSN: 2040-0705 Tianjiao Qiu (Marketing, California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, California, USA) Article publication date: 12 January 2022 
Accounting Research Journal Logo
Do high-reputation companies pay more non-audit fees? Accounting Research Journal  ISSN: 1030-9616 Huang, X. and F. Kang.  Xuan Huang Associate Professor, Accountancy (ACCT) Article publication date: 26 June 2021 DOI to Review Research Article
JENNIFER HOWARD Assistant Professor, Accountancy (ACCT)
The Timeliness of XBRL Filings: An Empirical Examination Journal of Information Systems Jennifer Howard, Jie Zhou Published  2021, Vol. 35(1): 65-77. DOI to Review Research Article
JENNIFER HOWARD Assistant Professor, Accountancy (ACCT)
In the Nick of Time: Performance-Based Compensation and Preemptive Responses to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Journal of Management Accounting Research Jon Durrant, James Gong, Jennifer Howard Published 2021, Vol. 33(1): 53-74 PDF to Review Research Article DOI to Review the Research Article
Mohamed Abdelhamid Faculty
One in four Americans uses a device or an app to track their fitness-related activities. Journal of Medical Internet Resources 2021;23 Mohamed Abdelhamid Published on 16.11.2021 in Vol 23, No 11 (2021): November DOI to Review Research Article
journal Organizational Dynamics front cover
Narcissism in leaders is like eating chocolate cake: a little is exciting, too much and it becomes nauseating. Organizational Dynamics Yoonhee Choi, Wei Ming, Jonathan Phan Publication date: 8 August 2021 DOI to Review Case Study