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Marketing Business Center

Marketing Students and Faculty Supporting Long Beach Small Businesses

Marketing Business Center (MBC)

The MBC at the CSULB College of Business (COB) offers Long Beach regional small- and medium-sized businesses professional marketing services managed by COB business students and supervised by COB faculty. 

As described below, the COB's engage, excel, and execute visionary approach is reflective in the MBC's goals and activities. 

What MBC Does
  • Ongoing Marketing Services For Business: Working with the Marketing Business Center, local businesses receive essential ongoing marketing support services that they may not be able to afford or have the time or expertise to complete.
  • Real World Practical Experience for Students: COB students working with the Marketing Business Center gain real world practical experience working directly with business clients on actual marketing projects under the supervision of COB faculty.
  • Help Support COB Student Services: Local businesses pay a small service fee donation to the CSULB Foundation based on project type and size of business which goes to support COB student services in the Department of Marketing.
MBC Services

The MBC is prepared to design and execute the following types of services:

  • Market Planning: Development of comprehensive Marketing Plans. Planning projects may include basic business research, situation analysis, positioning and targeting recommendations, promotional recommendations, budgeting, return on investment analysis, and marketing campaign evaluation.
  • Digital Marketing: Digital media marketing planning, setup and regular management of ongoing digital media marketing campaigns. The varied digital media and marketing projects undertaken by the MBC include website creation and ongoing website management, e-mail marketing newsletter campaigns, social media marketing (e.g., on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), and Internet search market planning and optimization.
  • Market Research: Secondary research, qualitative market research including focus groups moderated by Department of Marketing faculty, survey sampling and online survey research in areas such as segmentation and targeting, product and service development, ad copy testing, media mix research, and customer satisfaction research. MBC also conducts datamining research in which large databases are statistically mined for marketing insights in such areas as customer retention, acquisition and promotion of new services.
MBC Projects

The MBC tackles cutting edge projects that solve real work place problems. To show how we excel, the process and results of some recent projects will be shared and showcased here in the future.

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Sam Min is Professor and Chair of the Marketing Department and Executive Director of the MBC.
His expertise is in entrepreneurial marketing, marketing capability business model innovation, CRM, green energy innovation and marketing. He is also the founder/advisor of Smart Whale Control ( and Eneridge (

Dr. Scott Flexo is Managing Director of the MBC. 
His academic concentration is in marketing research, consumer behavior and digital marketing. Dr. Flexo has also worked professionally in private marketing practice for more than two decades offering market consulting to many large and small businesses across the US.

Dr. Reo Song is Associate Professor of Marketing and Faculty Advisor of the MBC.
His areas of specialization include business analytics, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), digital marketing, diffusion of innovation, and international marketing. 

MBC Workshops and Forums

The MBC hosts Marketing Forums and Workshops that seek to engage and network with talented experts in business and the local community.

Forum 2017 Speakers 

Eric Romero, City of Long Beach, Economic & Property Development: “What is Bizport & How You Can Use it to Grow your Business”

Julia Huang, CEO/Founder, InterTrend and Imprint Venture Lab: “Digital Advertising & Promotion Secrets to Grow Small Business”

Michael Steenson & Cody Jensen, Founders, SearchBloom: “Search Marketing for Mid-Size Business”

Dr. Reo Song, Department of Marketing Faculty, CSULB: “Marketing Analytics for Small Business”

Dr. Scott Flexo, Department of Marketing Faculty, CSULB: “Effective Email Marketing for Small Business Growth”