OAL - Instructions

The Open Access Lab at the College of Business is resource that is simply open access to computers, but there are some instructions that will be helpful to any student. - Go Beach!

COB Open Access Lab, located in COB 243, is open to all CSULB students

Students can choose their own computer and log in.

  • You need your CSULB Student ID # (9 digits) and your MyCSULB password. 
    • You will not be able to log-in unless you are enrolled for the current semester.
  • Once you login to a computer, you will have 4 hours (Bloomberg computer has a three hour limit). You will have an option to extend this towards the end of your session; unless the lab is full and there is a waiting queue.
  • The system will automatically logoff if there is no activity for 15 minutes.
  • Please remember to Logoff before you leave.

Guests / Visitors: If you are not currently enrolled in any classes or if your ID number and password will not allow you to log-in, please locate a IT staff member for assistance.

Students can reserve a computer ahead of time.

  1. Locate the Reservation Station at the front counter.
  2. Enter your CSULB Student ID # (9 digits) and your MyCSULB password.
  3. Click on either Now or Later button
    • Choosing Later will allow you to reserve up to seven days in advance.
  4. Select from one of the following options:
    • Next Available
    • Small Group Table: A computer with a small desk for group use.
    • Large Group Table: A computer with a larger desk for group use.
    • Scanner Computer: A computer with a scanner.
    • Bloomberg Computer: Financial Research
    • Group Study: Cubicle with 5 chairs, 1 computer
  5. You will be assigned a computer on the screen. It will also appear on the monitor in the lobby. You will have 10 minutes to locate the assigned computer.
  6. Please remember to Logoff after you have completed your reservation.

Students can print single sided letter size (8.5” x 11”) documents either in Color or B&W.

You must have sufficient money balance on your CSULB Student ID card or Beach Club card.

  • Black and White: $0.10/page -- Color: $1.50/page,

To print your document:

  • Open the document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF…)
  • Select File > Print, then choose either Black and White […] or Color Print […] on the dialog.
  • Enter your name, job name, and a password.

Release your print job at any Self-Service Print Station located in the lab.

Students can also print documents from their laptops.

  • Visit the COB Laptop Printing Website: Status and Print from your Laptop
  • Select a Printer: edu-cba-bw (for Black and White) and edu-cba-color (for Color Printing)
  • You can either browse for your document or enter a website address for the page you would like to print, and then click Submit.
  • Note: When printing webpages, the website must not require any type of login.
  • Enter the number of copies and the page range, if left blank, default is one copy and all pages.
  • Click Continue on Step 3. Duplexing options and multiple paper sizes are not available for CBA printers.
  • After your job has been “approved”, click on Submit Job to Printer link.
  • Release your print job at the Self-Service Print Station.

Note: Please click on FAQ link on the COB Laptop Printing Website to view the supported documents and file types.

After printing a document, students must release the job.

  • Locate a Print Station in the lab. Print Station 1 (B&W only) is located in the front of the lab.  Print Station 2 (B&W and Color) is located in the back of the lab.
  • Print jobs can be released from any Print Station.
  • Documents will be deleted if they are not printed within two hours.
  • Black and White: $0.10/page -- Color: $1.50/page

To Release a Print Job

  1. Swipe your CSULB ID Card / Beach Club Card on the keyboard at any Print Station
  2. Your balance will be shown on the bottom of the screen; you must have enough balance to print. If the balance is insufficient an error message will be shown.
  3. Select your print job, and enter the password. If the job was sent from a laptop, it will not a have password.
  4. Printing charges will be deducted from your card.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to Logoff on the bottom right of the screen to prevent someone else from using the balance from your card.

This machine is located in the back of the lab.

  • Use this to add money on to your CSULB Student ID card or your Beach Club Card. This machine takes cash (no coins) or credit/debit cards.
  • You may also add money on your card using a credit/debit card on the Beach ID website: beachid.com

If you do not have your CSULB Student ID card, you may purchase a Beach Club card from this machine.

This machine is located in the back of the lab.

  • Black & White: $0.10 / page (Single Sided – 8.5” x 11”)

If you left something behind:

  1. Check with OAL lost and found during office hours at the front desk.
  2. Check with the College of Business Deans Office.
  3. Check with Brotman Hall 155  .
  4. Check with the Campus Property Office. Campus Lost and Found