COB AOL - MSMA Goals and Reports

  • Critical Thinking Skills: Students will learn conceptual skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Interpersonal & Team Skills: Students will develop interpersonal skills to work in a dynamic and diverse team environment.
  • Ethics: Students will develop awareness and knowledge of ethical decision-making.
  • Business Functions Skills: Students will demonstrate integrative knowledge of business functional areas to solve business problems.
  • Quantitative & Technical Skills: Students will learn quantitative and technical skills enabling them to analyze and interpret business information effectively.
  • Domestic & Global Environment: Students will develop their knowledge of today's domestic and global business environment (e.g. legal, regulatory, political, cultural and economic).

5-1 Summary Table

MSMA- Competency Goal Improvement Summary 2023
Competency  Improvements Process (P) or curriculum (c) and date
Critical Thinking P - In the closing-the-loop round, the incorporation of additional examples related to case analysis and simulation is intended to bolster learners' proficiency in critical thinking competency. The learners have successfully met the performance benchmark. C - In line with the principle of continuous improvement, we will evaluate the relevance of the content and assess pedagogical approaches, potentially considering an increase in the performance benchmark to further enhance learners' mastery of the subject in the next round of assessment.
Ethics P - In the closing loop round, we observed a decline in learners' performance, even though the overall performance is at the benchmark. ALTF has consulted with the MSMA Director and Chair to evaluate the overall pedagogical portfolio. They will also meet with the faculty assigned to teach the course in preparation for the AY 24-25 assessment.
Interpersonal & Communication Skills P - Although learners demonstrated proficiency in interpersonal and communication skills in the first round assessment, in the spirit of continuous improvement, we aim to adopt a few process changes like markstrat project  in the closing the loop round. The learners surpassed the performance benchmark.
Quantitative & Technical Skills The learners have performed above the benchmark in quantitative and technical skills in both rounds of assessments. P- After adopting recommended changes from the prior assessment round, such as sharing self-recorded videos on how to use Python and AWS SQL, leaners' performance is above benchmark in the closing-the loop round.