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CSULB Graduate Business Programs| MBA and MS Programs

MBA Programs

MS Programs

Business Leaders of Tomorrow

The mission of our Graduate Programs in Business is to mentor business students as they move forward in their careers.  Our goal is to help you develop the skills needed to be a business leader whether in the profit or nonprofit or government sector. We have programs that provide the foundation for an individual to excel as a leader through one of our graduate programs:

  • To learn how to be a successful entrepreneur or intrapreneur (Accelerated Day-Time MBA)
  • To successfully navigate the changes that are happening in companies as technology and sustainability become more and more critical for a company to succeed (Saturday MBA)
  • To earn your MBA at your own pace while also continuing your career and maintaining a work life balance (Evening MBA)
  • To earn your MBA in an online format providing you with the flexibility that you need to continue your career (Online MBA)
  • To successfully achieve your CPA certification (MS in Accountancy)
  • To prepare for a demanding career in Information Systems (STEM Designated MS in Information Systems)
  • To earn your Charter Financial Analyst certification (STEM Designated MS in Financial Analytics)
  • To gain strong digital and social media analytics skills (STEM Designated MS in Marketing Analytics)

At the Graduate Programs in Business, we strive to serve traditional and nontraditional students, as well as working professionals and lifelong learners.

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