To apply for a College of Business Scholarship, please complete the application found on Beach Scholarships by reading and answering the questions honestly. Opportunities are available for Business majors, minors, and graduate students. Criteria for each scholarship vary.

Application Dates

Note: COB scholarships are awarded in the fall semester and disbursed to student accounts the week prior to the spring semester along with student financial aid packages. Students who are graduating in the fall semester are not eligible for COB scholarships.

“During my third year of university, Fall 2017, I was able to study abroad in Glasgow, Scotland. I am forever grateful that I was given that opportunity. I feel as though it has contributed to overall growth in my character and has propelled my educational career.”
-- Joshua Beauchamp,  Pitts Family Study Abroad Scholarship

Scholarships and Donors

Donor support enables scholarship recipients to focus on academic excellence while pursuing practical and invaluable skills through participation in extra-curricular activities and other programs offered in the College of Business and the University. Scholarships continue to enhance the quality of education and experience at the College of Business as we prepare our students for leadership in the business field upon graduation.

“It is a tremendous honor to receive recognition in Josh Owen’s name, an individual who has impacted Ability Tri-modal and the Long Beach community for the better. Your generosity supports me in my academic and professional endeavors and serves as a reminder of the kindness and unparalleled support that the community shows to Long Beach undergraduates every day.”
- Kyle Neilson, Josh Owen Memorial Endowed Scholarship