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Department of Marketing

The College of Business (COB) at California State University, Long Beach is a teaching and learning community that offers a diverse student body an environment to foster individual engagement, scholarly and creative achievement, civic participation, and global perspectives.

Consistent with those college goals, the Department of Marketing includes a talented faculty, committed to excellence in teaching and research that advances the business practice and scientific understanding. Serving 693 program majors, 350 pre-business majors, and about 110 additional program minors, the Department provides a wide range of course opportunities, relevant to today’s dynamic, global business environment.

Our students, both at graduate and undergraduate levels, fully engage with business communities and nonprofits, through which they exert positive impact on local, regional and national economy.

We have been able to achieve this through our involvement in (1) Marketing Business Center (MBC); (2) Black Business Strategy (BBS) initiative; and (3) Google Ad Grants Online Marketing Challenge (OMC).

Marketing Courses
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The Department of Marketing offers a broad range of undergraduate and graduate courses. Whether talking about the more traditional areas (e.g., advertising, new product development, marketing research) or more recent phenomena (e.g., Internet & digital marketing), faculty aim to provide a current approach that reflects the constantly changing international business environment.

Subject Pool MKTG 300

Students enrolled in MKTG 300 in the fall and spring semesters receive course credit for participating in the Department of Marketing Subject Pool. Students in MKTG 300 classes should register at the start of the semester to ensure that they receive all notifications, including new study postings.


Internship Course

​Marketing  students enrolled in the CBA 493 Internship Course that have an internship relevant to their academic concentration may petition to use CBA 493 to satisfy a Marketing elective.

The petition requires the approval of the course instructor, approval of the Department Chair, and approval of the Center for Student Success. Use this form to initiate the process: COB Petition to use CBA 493 Internship Course as an Elective.

Rules of Class and Online Conduct and Behavior

It is important that students' behavior in class does not interfere with nor disrupt class activities. Therefore, please adhere to the following rules when attending classes in the COB:

  • Plan to arrive to class on time and to stay for the entire class period (or until dismissed) because random arrivals and exits are disrespectful and distracting.
  • All cell phones, smartphones, and other electronic devices (e.g., pagers, iPods) should be turned off (or on vibrate) and hidden from view (unless allowed by the Instructor).
  • Faculty have different policies regarding the use of laptop and tablet computers in the classroom. If laptop and tablet computers are permitted, they are for (quiet) note taking only, not for accessing the Internet, checking e-mail messages, personal tasks, etc. 
  • Respect other students by not making fun of them or their ideas, and by not holding side-conversations that detract from class discussion/activities.
  • Be polite and respectful towards others, the instructor, and other students.
  • Food and beverages are NOT permitted in COB classrooms. Those must be consumed in designated areas only.

The above rules about respectful behavior, constructive interaction, and polite/respectful communication also apply to online communication (e.g., email).

  • Be professional and respectful in all oral, written, and online communications. Do not use foul or inappropriate language and do not engage in "bullying" or "cyberbullying".
  • Take time to proof all online communications before sending to ensure that you use respectful and clear language.
  • Be familiar with University rules for "Acceptable Use of the CSULB Electronic Communication System."
business analytics certificate

The business analytics certificate program provides students with the foundational knowledge and skills to organize and analyze business related data in various formats. Students learn how to identify business problems, to develop solutions, to present descriptive and predictive outcomes, and to make decisions accordingly. Large data sets, case studies, and practical software tools are utilized.

Masters of Science in Marketing Analytics

The Master of Science in Marketing Analytics (MSMA) is designed to provide students with advanced and highly demanded training in current marketing tools, marketing research, forecasting, statistical and analytical skills, and other relevant skills that will advance their career prospects in the field of marketing analytics. The MSMA Program is a STEM designated program.

The Fast Track Master of Science in Marketing Analytics (MSMA) Program is now available to current CSULB undergraduate students seeking a career in Marketing. With this program, CSU Long Beach students now have the fastest possible path to a career in digital marketing and marketing analytics while earning both BS Marketing and MSMA degrees in five years.

The program’s main foci are Marketing Analytics and Digital Marketing. Marketing Analytics is an application of data science to marketing decision problems. In the age of “Big Data”, marketing analytics increasingly plays a fundamental role in business decision-making. MSMA students learn techniques in business data analyses and acquire analytic skills that are highly applicable to real world marketing problems. In addition, MSMA students learn how to optimize social media and digital marketing to fulfill the needs of marketers and consumers, as well as gaining deep appreciation of evolving digital marketing strategies.

Our rigorous curriculum equips graduates with advanced knowledge and skills needed to identify, analyze, and resolve complex marketing challenges faced by companies in a global environment. This is accomplished through the mastering of a unique combination of quantitative, analytical, technical, and strategic skills.

Marketing Business Center (MBC)

MBC offers Long Beach regional small-and-medium-sized businesses professional marketing services managed by College of Business (COB) students and supervised by faculty. Two important missions of MBC are to help students to succeed in their business careers and to provide support for small businesses and nonprofits in the local area. 

The COB's engage, excel, and execute visionary approach is reflective in MBC's activities:

  • Ongoing Marketing Services for Businesses and Nonprofits  Working with MBC, local businesses and nonprofits receive essential ongoing marketing support services that they may not be able to afford or have the time or expertise to complete.
  • Real-World Practical Experience for Students  COB students working with MBC gains real-world practical experience working directly with business clients on actual marketing projects under the supervision of COB faculty.
  • Help Support COB Student Services  Local businesses make a small donation to the CSULB Foundation based on the project type and size of the business, which goes to support COB student services.
  • Community Outreach  Small business seminars are periodically held on campus. In these one day seminars, faculty and small business community leaders teach courses to small business owners on a wide range of topics including web site design, social media marketing, and customer relationship management.
Inclusive Marketing Initiative

The College of Business at California State University Long Beach is working to elevate minority-owned businesses within the greater Long Beach community by offering free digital marketing services.  Services garnered are provided through the CSULB upper-division marketing courses, MKTG 437: Digital Marketing & Social Media and MKTG 495: Digital Marketing II. 

The opportunity to provide digital marketing services to minority businesses through student-driven, semester-long projects started in June 2020 when Dean Solt partnered with the Los Angeles Regional Small Business Development Center (SBDC) of Long Beach to start the Black Business Strategy (BBS).  This initiative was geared at assisting Black-owned businesses in the Long Beach community to overcome social disparities through economic development and support. 

The first cohort of seven BBS clients launched in Fall 2020 with three sections of MKTG 437: Digital Marketing & Social Media. MKTG 437 instructors oversaw student teams throughout the semester as they provided marketing services for BBS clients, including website development, email campaigns, and social media ads. Additionally, an advisory committee (including the Department Chair and MBC faculty) provided support. As part of the semester-long class projects, students directly worked with clients to improve their digital presence by creating detailed competitor research reports, developing digital marketing strategies, identifying best practices for fundraising, compiling social media strategies, creating content samples, and identifying technology options to enhance digital marketing practices.   

The BBS initiative has now grown into the Inclusive Marketing Initiative to expand our reach and provide digital marketing services for any minority-owned business in the greater Long Beach area.

Google Ad Grants Online Marketing Challenge (OMC)

Online Marketing Challenge is a unique opportunity for students to get real-world experience creating and executing online marketing campaigns for real nonprofits using a $10,000 USD monthly budget of in-kind Google Ads advertising credit through the Google Ad Grants program. This global academic program brings two worlds together, partnering students and nonprofits, to support digital skill development and drive positive change around the world. Our graduate students taking MKTG 663 (designed for MSMA and EMBA students) have engaged in Ad Grants OMC in the last five years.

Students form teams of 2-5 members and register under the professor teaching MKTG 663. Google partners student teams with select nonprofits that are a part of the Ad Grants program and have opted in to participate in the Challenge.

  • Gain valuable business, marketing, analytical and consulting skills through a practical experience
  • Contribute to a meaningful cause while learning from real organizations
  • Collaborate effectively in a professional group setting
  • Build a true relationship with a client and make a real-life impact
  • Gain exposure to the digital marketing landscape using real money on a live advertising platform
  • Build tactical skills that are in high demand on the job market