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Who. Who is the press release about? Who is your company or the main players involved in this document? What. What is the topic of the press release? Why should readers care? Why. Why are you sending out the press release? How does it affect your customers or readers? When. When is the subject of the press release (the product release or new hire, for example) taking place? Where. Where is your company located? If there’s an event people need to know about, where is it taking place? How. How does the subject of your press release provide value? How does it help your readers?
This paragraph is where you will explain your new product, your discovery or any advances that your company has made. You should also include quotes, if they are available. This will give your readers an objective view of your press release and, if you quote experts, should make your press release stand out as credible.
This paragraph should give your reader all the information he or she needs to understand the “next steps,” call to action how to find the next event or how to rsvp.
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