COB Faculty recipients of the 22/23 Faculty Research Awards (FRA-EDI)

Congratulations to our COB Faculty recipients of the 2022/23 Faculty Research Awards to promote Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Faculty Members:  Ming Chen, Professor, Management; Jasmine Yur-Austin, Professor, Finance

Project Title: Examine Student Course Load, Completion, and Performance Data to Identify Roadblocks and Hurdles and Close Equity Gaps in College of Business

In this study, we plan to examine student demographic information and academic records for the College of Business to identify areas with the most significant equity gap. This will allow the College to allocate critical resources in the most cost-effective way to increase our chance of success in closing these gaps. More specifically, we plan to pinpoint the set of courses with the largest equity gap and hence offer programs such as summer boot camps to increase students’ level of preparedness for these courses. We plan to develop a prediction model which will allow the College to proactively reach out and advise the potentially at-risk students to take advantage of campus-wide or college-specific support and resources to increase their chances of success. Finally, we intend to explore some data mining techniques to examine further the relationship between course completion and factors such as varying course load issues and course sequence.

To view all of the project abstracts, please visit the ORED website