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Events and Workshops

All faculty and staff are welcome!  Visit the page links below for details and registration.  All workshops are virtual.

Summer 2021 ATS Events and Workshops


Designing Effective Grade Books
June 8  |  @10am & 2pm

Collaboration During Synchronous Zoom Sessions
June 10  |  @10am & 2pm

Instructional Technology Foundations
June 14-July 9 (Session 1)

Best Practices for Accessibility
June 15  |  @10am & 2pm

Ice-breakers: A Community Building Tool
June 17  |  @10am & 2pm

Blackboard Ally
June 18  |  1pm

Quality Essentials 2
June 21-August 13

Introduction to BeachBoard
June 22  |  @10am & 2pm

What's in That Teaching Bag?
June 23  |  @10am & 2pm

Quality Essentials 1
June 28-August 6

Getting Started With Zoom
June 29  |  @10am & 2pm


Active Learning / Evidence-based Pedagogy
July 1  |  @10am & 2pm

Leveraging Technology Tools for Student Success
July 6  |  @10am & 2pm

Engagement Framework for Online Learning
July 12  |  @10am & 2pm

Designing Group Work
July 14  |  @10am & 2pm

Blackboard Ally
July 16  |  @10am

July 20  |  @10am & 2pm

Recognizing Common Challenges Facing Online Learners
July 22  |  @10am & 2pm

Instructional Technology Foundations
July 26-August 20 (Session 2)

Leveraging BeachBoard for Outcomes and Alignment
July 27  |  @10am & 2pm

July 29  |  @10am & 2pm


Poll Everywhere
August 3  |  @10am & 2pm

Alternative Assessment Strategies
August 5  |  @10am & 2pm

Course Peer Review Program
August 9-October 15

Engagement in Discussions
August 10  |  @10am & 2pm

Tricky Learning Objectives
August 12  |  @10am & 2pm

Blackboard Ally
August 17  |  1pm

August 18  |  @10am & 2pm

New Technology at ATS
August 19  |  @10am & 2pm


On-Going Instructional Tools Training (by Vendors)

Visit these vendor websites for a full calendar of webinars, online tutorials, and other learning resources to sharpen your skills.

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ATS Events Archive

student assessment symposium

March 2021
Faculty Symposium: Online Student Assessments & Academic Integrity

student success conference

February 2021
Leveraging Technology in the Online Experience

student success

January 2021
Student Online Learning Success Program

tech tuesday

Fall 2020
Tech Tuesdays

technology icons

November 2020
Go Virtual Unconference

online learning studio

Fall 2020
Online Learning Studio Webinar Series

quality matters QM

October 2020
Quality Matters Workshops

blackboard ally logo

September 2020
Introduction to Blackboard ALLY

online learning studio

August 2020
Build Your Alternative Modes of Instruction (AMI) Toolkit

online learning studio

June - August 2020
Faculty Professional Development:
The CSULB Online Learning Studio Course

two faculty working on laptops in classroom

June - July 2020
Faculty Professional Development:
The Go Virtual Symposium

students in auditorium

May 2020
Rethinking the Classroom:
Student Lightning Talks

instructor in front of class

April 2020
Beach 2030 Series:
Faculty Lightning Talks

faculty panel

April 2020
Beach 2030 Series:
Faculty Panel

student taking exam in classroom

April 2020
Creating a Culture of Academic Integrity

lady having video conference

March 2020
Getting Ready with BeachBoard and Zoom

computer on desk

March 2020
Streamline Your Zoom Experience

woman's hands on laptop

November 2019
Hybrid/Online Guest Speaker Series

ats open house

November 2019
Academic Technology Services
Open House

lady presenting in ATS training room

September 2019
Rethinking the Classroom
Faculty Panel