Events and Workshops

ATS workshops support the campus in the application of technology resources available for teaching, learning, and working. All workshops are virtual (synchronous) and will be recorded. Everyone is welcome!

Faculty workshops and professional development programs focus primarily on using technology for instruction. Everyone is welcome! 

Please register in advance on the pages linked below.

Canvas Layouts
Thursday, May 23 | 10-11am

Canvas Navigation Basics
Tuesday, May 28 | 10-11am


Student Engagement in Canvas
Thursday, June 13 | 2-3pm

Best Practices for Accessibility in Canvas
Thursday, June 20 | 10-11am


Creating Engaging Instructional Videos On A Budget
Wednesday, July 17 | 2-3pm

Students' Perspectives on AI
Friday, July 26 | 1-2pm


Advanced HTML Page Building in Canvas
Friday, August 2 | 10-11am

Canvas Gradebook and Speedgrader
Wednesday, August 7 | 10-11am

AI Detection Tools & Strategies
Friday, August 9 | 10-11am

Applying the Quality Matters Rubric
Tuesday, August 13  |  9am-4pm

Accessibility Tools in Canvas: Anthology Ally
Thursday, August 15 | 2-3pm

Data For Teachers
Tuesday, August 20 | 2-3pm

ATS workshops are designed to address the needs of staff and to demonstrate how CSULB-supported instructional technology tools can be used outside of the classroom. Everyone is welcome!

Please register in advance on the pages linked below.

Building in Canvas (for Staff)
Tuesday, July 9, 2024 | 2-3pm

Please note: Most, but not all of our workshops have been recorded. Follow the links below to access the workshop page where the recording will be housed, if available.


Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
Best Practices for Accessibility
Blackboard Ally Accessibility Tools

Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$)

Exploring Zero-Cost Course Materials with a CSULB Librarian
Identifying Affordable Learning Solutions & OER Content 
Reduce Learning Costs to Reduce Learning Gaps
Smart College Savings: Adopting OERs and Affordable Learning Solutions 

Artificial Intelligence

Empowering Students through Artificial Intelligence 
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence
The Potential of AI
Turnitin AI Indicator: What You Need to Know
Turnitin and AI: Elevating Student Writing in the Digital Age


Accelerate Your Course Build with Canvas Layouts
BeachBoard to Canvas Comparison
Best Practices for Canvas Organization Courses
Building in Canvas
Building in Canvas for Staff
Canvas Beginner Boot Camp
Canvas Gradebook Setup
Canvas Gradebook and Speedgrader
Canvas Layouts for Staff
Canvas Navigation Basics​
Canvas Navigation Basics for Staff
Canvas Resources and Support
Canvas Resources and Support for Staff
Canvas Rubric Creation & Integration
Course Data for Faculty in Canvas
Canvas Teacher Mobile App
Creating an Engaging Online Learning Environment in Canvas
Data for Teachers
Designing Your Migrated Course
Increase Collaboration in Canvas
Leveraging Modules
MATLAB Grader in Canvas
New Quizzes vs Classic Quizzes in Canvas
Personalizing Learning with Canvas Mastery Paths
Scenario-Based Learning in Canvas
Standards-Based Learning in Canvas
Student Engagement in Canvas
Timely and Meaningful Feedback in Canvas
Universal Design for Learning in Canvas


Animate Course Concepts on the iPad
Course Planning & Preparation with the iPad
Creating Annotated Course Resources with the iPad
Creating Digital Whiteboards in Freeform on the iPad
Creating Videos in iMovie on the iPad
Documenting Student Learning on the iPad
Enhancing Your Workflow & Productivity on the iPad
Getting Started with Podcasting on the iPad
Getting Started with the iPad
Getting Started with Augmented Reality on the iPad
Going Further with the iPad
Personalizing Lectures with Live Video on the iPad
Producing Engaging Videos in Clips
Scanning, Organizing, & Sending Files on the iPad
Screen Recording on the iPad

Online and Hyflex Course Design

Alternative Assessment Strategies
Building Your AMI Toolkit
Collaboration During Synchronous Zoom Sessions
Ending the Semester Well: Teaching Tips in 30
Introduction to HyFlex Instruction
Intro to Online Teaching and Learning
Online Course Design Best Practices
Online Instructional Techniques
Recognizing Common Challenges Facing Online Learners

Student Engagement

Active Learning / Evidence-based Pedagogy
Best Practices for Engaging Video
Boosting Student Engagement & Understanding with Thinking Routines
Building Connections & Fostering a Positive Classroom Climate from Day One
Designing Engaging Microlectures
Engagement Framework for Online Learning
Engagement in Discussion
Fostering Diversity & Inclusion in Online Learning
Ice-breakers: A Community Building Tool
Maximizing Active Learning Classrooms for Student Engagement
Metacognitive Strategies for the College Classroom
The Connected Educator: It Begins with Collaboration

Technology Tools and Applications

Creating Engaging Learning Opportunities with Padlet
Designing Energizing Discussion Opportunities with Flip (formerly Flipgrid)
Engaging Students Using Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality
Getting Started with Zoom
Gradescope: Stories from the Classroom
Introduction to Gradescope
Labster Virtual Lab Simulations
Leveraging 360° Videos for Instruction
Leveraging Technology Tools for Student Success
Leveraging the ISPACE for Teaching & Learning
Mobile Teaching Kit
Microsoft 365 Accessibility Tools
Microsoft Teams: Meetings Overview
Poll Everywhere Online Polling
Poll Everywhere 2.0
Producing Engaging Videos in Clips
QR Codes 101: What, Why, & How?
Streamline Your Zoom Experience
Transform Your Teaching with the Mobile Teaching Kit
Using GoReact on Student Video Assignments
What's in That Teaching Bag?

These on-demand workshops are available for viewing at your convenience. Follow the links below to access the workshop page:

Take advantage of ongoing webinars and online training offered by software companies on their products available at CSULB.

camtasia logo

Record presentations, screencasts, or add audio, narration, and visual effects with Camtasia.

gradescope logo

Grade your online or in-class assessments more easily with Gradescope.

kaltura logo

Create your own videos, presentations, and podcasts within Canvas using Kaltura.

microsoft teams

Create classroom meetings and student collaboration with Microsoft Teams.

poll everywhere logo

Get instant feedback during virtual meetings and classes with Poll Everywhere.


Virtually lock the web browser to prevent cheating during online exams with Respondus.

snagit logo

Grab online content or record your computer screen and make quick edits with Snagit.


Check for the originality of submitted student work to prevent plagiarism with Turnitin.


Meet online for video or audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, and desktop with Zoom.

The CSU Chancellor's Online Course Services (OCS) offers free faculty programs and workshops throughout the year. Visit OCS Professional Development Courses for the full schedule and details.

AI Tools For Teaching & Learning
Summer 2024 Programs
May 27-June 16  |  June 24-July 28  |  July 29-August 18
Learn basic AI terminology, engage in hands-on exploration of AI Tools, learn strategies for detecting AI-generated content, and techniques to address potential misuse of AI tools by students. Participants will apply the knowledge gained to develop a personalized AI use policy for their course, and find resources to maintain currency in this dynamic field.

Applying the Quality Matters (QM) Rubric
July 29-August 18, 2024
Participants will apply Quality Matters (QM) standards to a sample course, ensuring alignment between objectives, assessments, materials, activities, and tools.

Improving Your Online Course
Summer 2024 Programs
May 27-June 16  |  June 24-July 28
Improve the quality of your online and/or hybrid courses by completing self-review and developing a course improvement plan. Note: having a partially or fully developed online/hybrid course is required prior to registration.