Canvas Tools, Features, and Integrations

A wide variety of tools are integrated with Canvas to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Listed below are the current applications that have been added to Canvas at CSULB. 

Academic Integrity

Tool Name Availability  Status
Respondus-Lockdown Browser  Campus-wide Approved
Respondus-Respondus Monitor Campus-wide Approved
Turnitin-Turnitin Framework Campus-wide Approved
Turnitin-Turnitin LTI 1.3 Campus-wide Approved


Tool Name Availability  Status
Anthology (formerly Blackboard) Ally Campus-wide Approved
ReadSpeaker-webReader Campus-wide Approved
ReadSpeaker-docReader Campus-wide Approved

Assessment / Portfolio

Tool Name Availability Status
Canvas Folio  Campus-wide Approved

Cloud Storage

Tool Name Availability Status
Microsoft-MS OneDrive Campus-wide Approved


Tool Name Availability Status
Microsoft-MS OneNote Classroom Campus-wide Approved

Digital Credentials

Tool Name Availability  Status
Canvas Credentials Digital Badges Limited Approved

Learner Engagement

Tool Name Availability Status
FeedbackFruits Limited Approved
Aurelia Limited Approved


Lab Tools

Tool Name Availability Status
Labflow Limited Approved

Math Tools

Tool Name Availability Status
Matlab-Matlab Grader Campus-wide Approved

Online Digital Repository

Tool Name Availability  Status
Merlot Campus-wide Approved
LinkedIn Learning  Campus-wide In Progress

Online Media Platform

Tool Name Availability  Status
Kaltura for Canvas Campus-wide Approved
PlayPosit Campus-wide Approved
GoReact Limited Approved

Personal Response System

Tool Name Availability  Status
Poll Everywhere Campus-wide Approved
Macmillan-iClicker Campus-wide Approved


Tool Name Availability Status
Cengage-CengageNow 2.0 Campus-wide, D1DA Approved 
Cengage-MindTap Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
Cengage-WebAssign Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
DawnSignPress Limited Approved
F.A Davis Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
Flatworld Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
Macmillan-Macmillan Achieve Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
McGraw Hill -McGraw Hill Connect Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
McGraw Hill -McGraw Hill SIMnet Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
Packback Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
Pearson-Modified Mastering Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
Pearson-MyLab and Mastering Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
Pearson-Pearson Reveal Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
Perusall Campus-wide Approved
Sage Vantage Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
Stukent Limited Approved
Wiley-WileyPlus Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
W.W. Norton-InQuizitive Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
W.W. Norton-SmartWork Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
W.W. Norton-Total Access Campus-wide, D1DA Approved
Vital Source-Vital Source Course Materials  Campus-wide, D1DA Approved


Limited Approved

Video Conferencing

Tool Name Availability  Status
Zoom-Zoom LTI Campus-wide Approved
Microsoft-MS Teams Campus-wide Approved